GMO Mosquitos By: Zachary & ANnikah


In the south, some mosquitoes spread a deadly disease called Zika. To limit this disease from spreading, scientist developed many solutions to help prevent the disease from spreading.

Aedes Mosquito

Altering Mosquito Genes

Scientists at Oxitec developed a gene that kills mosquitoes at larva stage. In the lab, they inject the gene into the egg and hatch it. Scientists expose the male mosquitoes in Tetracycline, the mosquitoes are able to grow in the chemical. Then they release the adult male mosquitoes into the wild. They mate with Zika infected female mosquitoes and their offspring die before the offspring enter adult form.

Infecting Mosquitoes with Bacteria

Another solution was introduced by MosquitoMate. They add a special bacteria called “Wolbachia” to the lab bred mosquitos. They release the lab bred mosquitoes. They mate with infected females and produce eggs that don’t hatch.

Mosquito eggs

Introduce them to Cannibals.

Scientists created another solution, Toxorhynchites mosquitoes, aka, Elephant mosquitoes. These mosquitoes eat other mosquito eggs so new zika infected larva don’t hatch. Also Elephant mosquitoes don’t feed on human blood. So they don’t spread to Zika virus.


These are used all around South America and other infected areas to prevent Zika.


I predict that these solutions will be used on other mosquito-borne diseases.

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