Creating a Good Digital Footprint Dani mason.

Have you ever wondered how you make a good digital footprint?

Making a good digital footprint is important. A digital footprint is your trace on social media. What you post and tweet determines your digital footprint. This is your reputation on social media.

Steps to creating a good digital footprint

Step 1: Keep Track of your accounts

If you do not have a list, you may forget about some accounts. It is important to frequently look at your list and delete your accounts that you no longer use. This way you don't have your name on unnecessary accounts and websites.

Step 2: Do Not Overshare.

Many people do not realize that they are oversharing. Do not post too often about stuff that is not important. If you do not want you whole town to see it, then do not post it.

Step 3: Google yourself frequently

It is important to see what is out there about you. Know what people can find out about and make sure private information is not out there. If something that you do not want out there is out there you can track it down. Figure out what social media you posted it on and delete it. In the future, you will be more careful about what you put out there.

Step 4: Only share stuff that you are proud of

Do not share anything that will later embarrass you. Use social media for good. Show off your talent, work ethic, community service and experience. Use it to your advantage, but do not show off too much.

Step 5: Do not share personal information.

This one is big. Be careful not to give out personal information such as your address, phone number, or bank account details. Whether you post it your address, or comment your phone number to a friend, it is all the same. It will be out there, and you will not be able to take it back.

Step 6: Professional Usernames

Keep your usernames and emails professional. When Universities and Jobs look they do not want to see silly usernames. This is unprofessional. and the more simple, the better. Stick to you name, not a random username.



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