Coronacation eden’s world

March 23rd: I started off my morning with a Zoom meeting for my English Class, then did schoolwork the rest of the morning and took a break at lunch. In the mid afternoon, I worked out from 4-6:30 then had dinner about an hour later. After dinner, I made brownies and my sister forced me and my family to watch “The Hunt” with her, a movie she had seen on Reddit. It was awful, to say the least, but had some comedy so it was okay.

March 24th: Quarantine boredom was getting the best of my sister and I, so we decided to learn some fun tik tok dances. My mom wasn’t afraid to record us and was very entertained. I picked up the choreography pretty quickly, but my sister on the other hand was definitely struggling. After countless takes, we finally got it. Later, me, my sister, and my parents ended the night by playing Cards Against Humanity, which was hilarious.

March 26th: After dinner, my mom and I decided to take out our picture binders and look through some old photos. We found these, and my mom kept making jokes saying “Back when you were my baby and you couldn’t get enough of me!” I found a bunch of baby pictures of me and pictures of my older siblings from before I was born that I had never seen before, which was super cool.

3/31/20: My mom and I decided to make shortbread cookies. We added salt, chocolate chips, and little pretzel bites. It was delicious! It was my mom’s best friend’s birthday, so we made an extra batch for her and she loved them!

4/1/20: With the extra hours of sleep I’m getting increasing, and the amount of hours that I am active is decreasing, I have a bunch of extra energy. For the past few days, I’ve been staying up with my older sister playing video games. I usually never have time, but now time is the one thing I do have and have started to learn.

4/5/20: All of the Big Ten college cheer teams have been doing online clinics all weekend and teaching parts of their dances for game days. I participated in some of them and joined their Instagram lives and learned the dances for University of Maryland, Ohio State University, and Penn State. It was super fun and it was great to feel like a cheerleader again.

4/7/20: I watched a movie called “Tigertail” with my mom and my sister about the story of an emotionally damaged Tawainese immigrant looking back on his love while also trying to develop a relationship with his estranged daughter, and I loved it. The movie definitely showed the struggles and sacrifices that Asian immigrants had to make, and I’m glad their stories are finally being brought to the spotlight. With many second generation Asians are middle-aged producers and directors, I’m hoping more stories will be told because their stories haven’t been showcased yet in movies. This movie gave all of us a good cry and would 10/10 recommend. I think it fits well into what we’re currently learning with “The Joyluck Club”, including Chinese immigrants.
4/9/20: I had seen my friend post a video of a little cartoon goose walking across her computer screen, so of course I had to try. I downloaded it onto my computer and was literally dying of laughter for over an hour over this little goose and the pictures it would bring onto my computer screen. This was one of them.
4/12/20: I think it’s safe to say that pretty much everybody’s sleep schedule has been completely altered since the wake of this whole pandemic and the start of quarantine. I have basically become a complete night owl, even more than I was before. So here is a picture of me making mac and cheese at 5:00 in the morning because that is my new 9 pm.
4/14/20: It has been really difficult not being able to see my friends, especially from cheer. We talk everyday over texts, but it just isn’t the same as being in person. So we decided to make a plan and do a big zoom call, and it was so much fun and it was nice just to hear everybody’s voices again and talk. I miss cheer a lot, but I’m glad we have the technology that let us do this.
4/17/20: Although I haven’t been able to do any full training for gymnastics, my team and I have been doing Zoom workouts every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday since the beginning of quarantine so we can stay in shape. I enjoy these Zooms because it’s the closest I can get to seeing my teammates and coaches who I miss very much, and it also keeps us all accountable. I have always loved working out, so I have even been doing other workouts outside of these Zooms to fill up all of the free time.

End of semester reflection: Some things I enjoyed this semester was the books we read. I’m glad we got to learn about different cultures, I don’t think I would’ve added anything or done anything different, except for reading logs and making them less significant to our grade. I enjoyed our activities and this class. If I had to continue online learning, I would just want to continue having weekly Zooms.