“How Does Someone Change the World?” by: Rachel

Take Risk , Bravery , Have a Plan and do Altrusim

To Change the world you would need to take Risk , Examples : 1. Ted Talk Video - Project Moonshot Video 2. Self driving cars requires a lot of risk .

Using Bravery will help you change the world , Examples : 1. Ted Talk Video (Bravery) -2. Be Brave: How to Change The World By Being Yourself with Rha Goddess .

Most people have a plan to change the world , there plans don't always work out but they can use the failure and what worked from there old plan to succeed . These are people who used a plan to help change the world : 1. Justin Trudeau - 2. Brock obama - 3. Emma Watson

Altruism is a gift to have it means a true act of unselfishness. It takes caring , love and hope to be altruistic. Altruism is an act of good that you do without thinking about a reward or punishment. Examples : 1. Effective Altruism | Beth Barnes | TEDxExeter - 2. Peter Singer: The why and how of effective altruism


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