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Featured this week:

  • Parent as Teachers: Indoor Winter Fun!
  • Colorado Elementary: Mrs. Hines' Kindergarten Class.
  • Franklin Elementary: Frankie and Friends Visit Sunnybrook.
  • Franklin Elementary: Miss Kathie's PK and Ms. Harders' Kindergarten Classes.
  • Franklin Elementary: Mrs. Garrett's 4th Grade Music Students.
  • Grant Elementary: Mrs. Kulland's 2nd and 3rd Grade P.E. Classes.
  • Grant Elementary: Mrs. Kulland's 4th Grade P.E. Classes.
  • Grant Elementary: Community Tour.
  • Jefferson Elementary: Leadership Celebration!
  • Madison Elementary: Mrs. Holder's 4th Grade Art Students.
  • McKinley Elementary: Ms. Buster's 1st Grade Gifted/Talented Students.
  • District-Wide Middle School
  • Central Middle School: Mrs. Larson-Walgren's 6th Grade ELA Classes.
  • Central Middle School: Mr. Edkin's 6th Grade Design and Model Classes.
  • Central Middle School: Mrs. Beatty's 6th Grade ELA Classes.
  • Central Middle School: Interest Group Friday.
  • West Middle School: Mrs. Hyink's 7th Grade P.E. Classes.
  • Muscatine High School: South East Iowa Bandmasters Association District Honor Band Participants.
  • Muscatine High School: Mrs. Rauenbuehler's English 9 Students.
  • Muscatine High School: Mr. Paul's Ag 1 Students.
  • Muscatine High School:  Ag College and Career Fair.
  • Muskie Sports:  Middle and High School.
  • District-Wide Staff


Parents as Teachers enjoyed a day of winter fun which included I-Spy bottles, indoor snow and hot cocoa.


Mrs. Hines' kindergarten class reached their PBIS goal by filling the class jar full of poms. The class earned poms by displaying positive behavior in the classroom and around the school. The class enjoyed a hot chocolate bar full of goodies for their reward! Way to go Kindergarteners!


Frankie, Franklin Elementary's Therapy Pig, along with Mrs. Hepker's students, got to go on a field trip and visited some special people at Sunnybrook! Frankie and the students provided everyone with smiles!


Ms. Harder's kindergarten class joined Ms. Kathi's pre-k friends on their Winter field trip to Discovery Park! We explored outside, went through tall prairie grasses, and were able to examine animal fur and tracks!


Mrs. Garrett's Franklin 4th grade music students are working together and exploring patterns as they learn about the notes on the music staff with Orff instruments.


Mrs. Kulland's 2nd and 3rd grade p.e. classes had to synergize with their teammates to solve the Moving Tower puzzle in a relay.


4th graders in Mrs. Kulland's P.E. classes had to synergize by using only a rubberband and some string to build a cup tower. Later they made human knots and had to find a way to untangle their knot by talking through where they needed to move.


Grant Elementary hosted a Community Tour this week. Student ambassadors led community members around the school to show how Leader in Me shapes culture, leadership, and academics for students and staff.


On Tuesday, January 23rd, over 40 Jefferson students in PK-5 attended a Leadership Reception. Students were nominated by their teachers and peers to attend a cake reception in their honor.

Special guest was Muscatine Mayor, Diana Broderson, who came to congratulate students on being selected, and encourage them to continue being leaders at school and in our community. Students each received a very special pin from the Mayor and had the opportunity to reflect on what it means to be a leader.


Madison 4th graders in Mrs. Holder's art classes planned out their pixelated self portraits!


Ms. Buster's 1st grade gifted/talented students learned about different habitats/ocean animals this week. The students' favorite part was being able to look at real starfish and identify their different parts.


In Mrs. Duran's ELD classes at Central and West, students are reading the book, "Refugee," by Alan Gratz. The book follows the journeys of three refugees from different time periods. To conceptualize the main character's boat, students were challenged to fit everyone on top of a group of desks or an area rug. Students read the chapter in their "raft" and discussed what it would be like to have 9 people in a raft in the middle of the ocean.


Central and West students under the direction of Mr. Tolle are working hard on Annie Jr. the Musical. They look forward to seeing everyone at their performances on Friday, February 2nd and Saturday, February 3rd!


Students in Mrs. Larson-Walgren's 6th grade ELA classes used an Emoji Strategy to demonstrate how a character in a story responds and changes as the plot of a story moves towards a resolution.


Students in Mr. Edkin's 6th grade Design and Modeling class launched skimmers this week!


Last Friday, CMS held their first ever Interest Group Friday during homeroom. Students took a survey that consisted of a list of activities that they could choose from based on student feedback. Each student chose their top 3 activities and then were placed into one of those. On Friday during homeroom, they participated in that activity, which was run by the CMS staff! Some of the activities included; boy's volleyball, cooking, mythology, junior ROTC, girl's football, jewelry design, walk & talk, and many more! Every student at CMS participated with the hope that they were able to do something that they enjoyed with other students who had similar interests. CMS hopes to be able to do more Interest Group Fridays in the future since this one was such a success! This activity was put on by the CMS Leadership Committee.


6th grade ELA students in Mrs. Beatty's classes researched how animals impact their lives. Students are shown sharing and peer editing their work. The infographics are being displayed at local animal care facilities. Then, they completed a gallery walk to gather information. Once they had information to add to their research, they participated in a Socratic Smackdown to debate the various topics under consideration.


West Middle School PE 7th graders received CPR certification with the Monsanto safety team!


This past Saturday, MHS had six students perform with the South East Iowa Bandmasters Association District Honor Band at Iowa City West HIgh School.

Justin Hughes on Trombone, Joe Morrison on Tenor Sax, Phil Smith on Bassoon, Nicole Frisbie on Clarinet, Maddie Keller on Clarinet, and Rachel Wagner on Clarinet.


Mrs. Rauenbuehler's English 9 students sketched an opening scene from To Kill a Mockingbird to better understand characters.


Mr. Paul's Ag 1 students got some hands-on learning experience shearing sheep this week!


An Agriculture College & Career Fair was held on Friday, January 19th at Calvary Church’s Family Life Center. All Muscatine 8th graders and any high school student in an agriculture class attended the career fair.

The goal of the agriculture college and career fair was for students to be able to see some of the opportunities available for college and/or a career relating to agriculture. Hopefully the day helped inspire students to think about Ag related majors and careers; for colleges and businesses potentially did some recruiting; and in all, allow networking within the Ag community.

To learn more about the fair, go to:



8th Grade Girls


7th Grade Boys


Muscatine wrestlers went 3-2 in duals at the Iowa City High tournament improving the dual record to 10-11! Great job Muskies!

W 35-11 vs Keokuk; L 21-54 vs Decorah; L 25-52 vs Iowa City High; W 33-24 vs Oskaloosa; W 51-17 vs CR Xavier; Nolan Bell went 5-0, making the All-Tournament-Team, and improving his record to 27-4!


McKinley Elementary

McKinley teachers, support staff and administration participated in Data Days by sharing student data to further meet the needs of individual students.

Thank you to everyone who contributed photos for this week's edition of This Week in Our Schools!

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