Tahoe Kind of Weekend an impromptu trip skiing

Our place for the weekend, very cozy and warm despite the outside being too cold.

Unplanned trips are always the best trips, that's what I recall. Being stressed and exhausted with classes and college calls for a ski break! Choosing outdoors over indoors most of the time - we had no hesitation. We drove Friday in the AM for hours and arriving at sunset, chilling over Tahoe's amazing view. Next day calls for ski!

On that same day, there were tons of children entering the ski resort, with their moms and dads. I was amazed. In this world full of gadgets and electronic junk, their parents still encourage their kids into the world of ski. How can you not be amazed at this? and yes, I ditched my friends to observe the wonderful faces and activities the children were doing, also did take lucky shots.

Definitely priceless

My friends spent the whole day playing and not caring - but I had to give them a pat on the back, too. We chose outdoors and not indoors, and I feel like we deserve plus points.


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