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10 New contracts since January

Around the Corner

Here's a look at our Partners in Phoenix, Interior Logic

Interior Logic is the premier collaborative national network of local Design and Construction Services Partners in the Phoenix AZ area. A team of professionals dedicated to providing builders, and homebuyers with the finest quality floor covering & interior finish products and the best service – before, during and after the sale to each and every customer. We feature high quality, lasting performance and innovative designs that offer a depth of selection and style, and we are backed by excellent warranties. At Interior Logic we only partner with suppliers who have trusted brands, and who have developed high performance manufacturing processes that produce durable and reliable goods.

At our design centers new Homebuyers can meet with a professional staff of design consultants to select their interior finish options. We create the perfect product offering to meet the financial and lifestyle needs of any new homebuyer. We specialize in Carpet, Ceramic Tile, Natural Stone (Marble & Granite), Hardwood, Sheet Vinyl, Countertops, and Window coverings.

April Birthdays

  • Juan Garcia 7-Apr
  • Jacqui Reich-Gonzalez 12-Apr
  • Agustin Melendrez 15-Apr
  • Maria Rodriguez 21-Apr
  • Trinity Gomez 11-Apr
  • Luis Zuniga 15-Apr
  • Alejandro Rodriguez 26-Apr
  • Shanda Crain 15-Apr
  • Alan Mendez Gordillo 5-Apr
  • Luis Soto 9-Apr
  • Austin Whiteford 17-Apr

May Birthdays

  • Steven Hayden 4-May
  • Alberto Cabrera 10-May
  • Julie Warden 20-May
  • Renee Tomac 26-May
  • Luis Vega 2-May
  • Rebecca Petersen 10-May
  • Raul Silis 15-May
  • Guadalupe Garcia 11-May
  • Jonathan Gomez 17-May
  • Roberto Munoz 18-May
  • Maria Rodriguez 5-May
  • Cristopher Galvan 15-May
  • Stacy Lopez 7-May
  • Dyllon Miller 15-May
  • Eduardo Murillo 25-May
  • Jonathan Herbert 14-May
  • Ruben Guzman-Herrera 29-May

Happy Workiversary!!!


13 years

  • Craig Bender
  • Nicole Washburn

4 years

  • Adam Serrao
  • Juan Rodriguez
  • Rodolfo Rodriguez

3 years

  • Rosa Miguel
  • Rafael Cordova
  • Jose Gomez-Perez

2 years

  • Federico Puente-Cruz


10 years

  • Roberto Torres

5 years

  • Rachel Wright

3 years

  • Shanda Crain

1 years

  • Carol Chattin
  • Amanda King
  • Sayde Martin
  • Luis Zuniga
  • Crystal Wayne

Look who joined CDI of Nevada!!!


  • Tracy Madison
  • Christopher Puliti
  • Jonas Kelly
  • Victor Gutierres-Lopez
  • Oswaldo Martinez-Saucedo
  • Diego Torres
  • Chelsea Bennett
  • Jesus Lopez-Hernandez

Getting to know you

Chelsea Bennett

Cabinet Order Processor

  • First day at CDI - April 24
  • Grew up in Wilmington North Carolina
  • Moved to Reno March 2017 for husband’s job at Tesla
  • Has one sister and 2 cousins
  • Married 4 years no kids
  • Dog name Annie (black lab)
  • Loves DIY things and being outdoors…
  • Refinishing furniture
  • Things you don’t know unless you ask
  • Ancestors founded Delta, Ontario Canada
  • Grandparents still live there on an island
  • The Mill museum in Delta has a family tree featuring Chelsea
  • Great Grandma had to forge documents to become US citizens
  • Favorite Vacation – Caribbean cruise

A Look around town

Here's a few things happening around Reno/Tahoe

Important dates coming up

Memorial Day May 29

Employee Wellness Reimbursement Program

We have some exciting news about our Wellness program. We have teamed up with South Reno Athletic Club to provide a discounted membership rate for all ILG/USG/CDI employees!!!

Mon-Fri. 5am - 10pm

Sat-Sun. 8am - 8pm

9393 Gateway Drive

Reno, NV 89521


Did you know????

  1. May is National Physical Fitness and Sports Month, Skin Cancer Awareness Month & National Bike Month
  2. The first Saturday in May is World Naked Gardening Day
  3. The first Saturday is the Kentucky Derby
  4. This tradition is thought to have started when New York socialite E. Berry Wall presented roses to ladies at a post-Derby party in 1883 that was attended by Churchill Downs founder, Meriwether Lewis Clark, Jr. The fastest time ever run in the Kentucky Derby was set in 1973 when Secretariat clocked-in at 1:59:40

All about Safety

Good Day To All,

Currently the 2017 year is progressing well. The number of injuries versus 2016 are down significantly and it’s all due to the efforts of local management and employees. As most know, there is a new Federal Administration and in October, many Federal Departments will be looking at significant budget decreases. What this means for us, is an increased presence in the field and at facilities. Each one of these departments have the ability to make up any lost revenue in the field, warehouses, and fabrication facilities.

In order to avoid random visits, reporting, or scheduled/unscheduled visits, we should be focused on being the best and safest company under the ILG umbrella. Regardless of your title, status, or length of service, everyone has the right and responsibility to step forward and correct any unsafe act, shortcut, or wrongdoing.

Safety is not a concept designed to save companies money, but to protect employees and increase their understanding and quality of life – both at work and home. It’s part of the safety culture we have been striving to create.

ILG and your Business Units are working hard to move to the latest technology, equipment, best business practices, and much more. It will take the effort of every employee, from the top all the way down, in order for us to become the best, safest, and most profitable company on the market.

Below is a brief synopsis of the injuries that are occurring more frequently:

69% of all injuries happen on the Job Site. Most of you are aware of this. My question to you is, what are you going to do about it? Are we going to accept this as part of doing business or are we actually going to take steps that will reduce or irradiate this problem. We can no longer look at this as: “that’s just the way it is. It is part of the job. Accidents happen.” If you find yourself saying one of these sentences, then you are the wrong side of the company goals and strategy. To clarify, we want to be a company that hurts no one, that takes care of our employees, that treats everyone with respect and dignity. Are we there yet? No! But we are working on it. And when it’s all said and done, we will become that company.

44% of injuries are strains and 38% are employees with <1 year experience. Right behind them are employees with 4 years’ experience or more. Why is this happening? The answer is, employees with less than 1 years’ experience don’t have the full ability to identify hazards when they are present. The employees with more than 4 years’ experience, do have the ability, but have grown complacent. This might be hard pill to swallow, but facts are facts and none debatable. The data show this clearly.

We want/need to become the safest company on the market. To do so, will require everyone’s involvement and commitment. Without it, we will find that we are just spinning our wheels, but not really going anywhere. I challenge everyone that takes to the time to read this newsletter, to commit to a workplace, lifestyle, and attitude, which incorporates safety in everything they do. Most of us have family and friends that are counting on us. We have to do the hard right over the easy wrong every day, so that we can make a difference, not only in our lives, but those of others.


Michael Coonce

EHS, Director



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