The Missing 5% Social issue

Causes and Effects

Uncut grass is an issue that needs to be properly evaluated. Areas in South Africa suffer from this issue. Not only is it unsafe for cars to see where they are going but it makes the area look very dirty. In my community we suffer from this problem, but the grass is cut eventually after 3 months or so.

Woman walking through the unkept walk way and uncut grass.

This is example of how the public service sector needs to be improved. Grass kept uncut can cause serious accidents by people who are crossing the street getting hit by a car or by one car colliding with another car.

Cars colliding into each other

Due to the public service sector not reaching a 100%. This leads to other issues in communities to arise such as public urination, illegal dumping, streets not maintained correctly.


Areas that aren't kept neat attract rodents which causes rodents infestation. Animals are attracted to the area such as dogs and dangerous reptiles such as snakes could migrate to live in the long grass which cause a problem to residents around the area.

Crime rate

The 95% service delivery also makes people commit crime because the are not getting the satisfactory service being provided the people. This also makes it easier for people to commit other serious crimes such as rape and murder because it is easier for the person guilty to commit the crime because there is no proof of where it took place and there would not be any witnesses that saw what happened.

Waste refusal bins filled and not collected

A few residents in my community say that the refuse collection gets frustrating due the municipal department not always collecting it on time. Another problem is streets not being cleaned and residential areas.

Public Toilets

Others say that public toilets not being cleaned is an issue because not only is it unhygienic, people are susceptible to obtaining viral, lung and skin infections.


ShOrt Term

Uncut grass must be trimmed every month. Not only will the area look neat and clean, it will make drivers commute more safer and the view will reduce the risk of accidents. Pavements should be built to insure a person is walking on a safe pathway and so this decreases the amount of safety hazards when walking to places.

Grass trimmed, pathway paved and road is properly maintained

Refusal disposal collection should done every week if it has not been completed. Streets should also be cleaned and maintained by the government. Public toilets should be cleaned everyday. If there are problems with the service delivery residents should inform the provincial government if municipalities are not delivering what they should.

Refusal collection

LOng Term

With the short term solutions being solved and implemented, other problems such as crime will decrease because the area will not only look neat but services would be delivered to people and poor communities sanitation will become good. Another reason why crime will decrease is because the area of grass that was uncut will now be open and no one will think of throwing a corpse there or raping a person or to rob a house because there is no place to do something wrong.

Adequate bathroom toilets

Rodent infestations will have to be dealt with by the municipality and stray animals have to be taken by the SPCA. These issues being resolved will make the public service delivery become a 100% organized.

Negative social issues not only affect the community it decreases the country's standard of living and makes the urban areas look dirty and the rural areas to look like a squatter camp if service delivery was meeting its requirements than they need to improve it a little more the only way to do so, is by the community helping the municipality recognize their mistakes and help them fix them.

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