War of the Roses By Xavier flieg

The houses that were in the war was the Lancaster and York.

The Lancaster House's symbol is a red rose, and the York had a white rose.

Henry VI vs Edward IV

Henry VI was part of the House of Lancaster. He became king when he was one year old. When Henry VI was old enough to rule he was a horrible ruler. His distant cousin Edward the IV from the House of York which was a rival family said that he should be king.

When Henry VI his 12 year old son Edward would become king. But his brother Richard III he would be king on behalf of Edward. Then Edward and his younger brother were locked in the Tower of London, and were never seen again.

The Battle of Bosworth field was were Henry Tudor fought Richard III and became king after Richard III died.

Henry Tudor was part of the House of Tudor. Their house symbol was a red and white rose. The House of Tudor won the War of the Roses and Henry became King.


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