Opiates By Allen smajevic

In Paradise, Ohio there lived a boy named Timmy Bane. He was a 17 year old high school student and had a job at Pizza Hut. Then one day, a drug called opiates came along for the first time and changed his life forever. At first, Timmy started using this drug for the relief of headaches due to the fact he had so much to do (college applications) and worked such long hours. After using pain medications quite often, he became addicted to it and paired it with various foods and drinks since they also helped with his stress. Soon he started getting affects that were slightly more severe than the other. One day, he felt no more pain, as intended, however, he later felt drowsiness, sedation, and feeling of Euphoria and ignored the symptoms. The effects didn't last long and as a result, Tim continued to use the drug thinking that things couldn't get worse as it is now. Soon his grades at school started to drop from straight A's to C's in every subject. Not to mention he was fired from Pizza Hut for making too many mistakes in the kitchen and had once started a fire as well but nobody was hurt. The very reason for all of this was that his addiction damaged Tim's normal function in his brain. It even made him depressed and lacked motivation needed to complete his school work and finish his college application. Still, he ignored his preventable misfortunes and kept spending on $50 per week on pain medication, or opiates for short. However the side effects continue to worsen. Almost every day, Tim kept vomiting after his constant drug use. If things weren't bad enough, his friends were starting to "break up" with him due to his inability carry his several promises. Even his parents had noticed something wrong with Tim ever since he started to get low grades and he seemed not himself. Once his parents finally figured out what was up with him they were extremely furious and decided to not only take away his privileges but to get Tim help in order to prevent any further damage by appointing him to therapist. A year later, Tim was finally free from opiates and was ready to make a "fresh" start but the damage was done and his body will never remain same.

The End.

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