Access toQuality Healthcare By: lawerance erlbaum associates (jillian margaglione)

"The current economic policies in the federal government present an opportunity for the nursing profession to improve access to healthcare, providing high-quality care to a greater segment of the population at lower cost."

This author used a summary lead which summarizes what information the editorial will provide you with.

Why the cost of healthcare is rising and the quality of it is lowering is a question we all ask ourselves.

I used a creative lead because I believe that will engage a reader more.

Who? The U.S citizens and goverment

What? The goverment is trying to change healthcare so that everybody gets good quality and good priced Healthcare

When? They have been trying to change things for the past 60 yrs and still today

Why? They want to try and find a way to give adequate healthcare without bankrupting the goverment. And the costs are rising, making good quality heatlthcare unavailable to many Americans.

How? Around the 1980s they started to try and make reimbursement policies and health insurance with Medicare. Then nurses became more up to date with policy makers and government. It can improve if nurses compete in legislative forums and in the marketplace.

" It's is quite possible that improved access to affective healthcare and nursing services can be achieved under the new federalism government it's nurses can learn to compete in the marketplace and in legislative forums. The prospective reimbursement system of the words nurses a magnificent an opportunity to practice nursing to its full's capacity. Health promotion, disease prevention, and health maintenance will be recognized as vital components of cost-effective nursing care achieved through contractual arrangements with Medicare, Medicaid, and other insurance contractors. Nurses can be recognized as independent health care providers, reimbursed for the nursing care given. The scope and degree of nursing activity in the next few years will decide whether the profession of nursing has been accountable and for filling his contract with society to provide access to care for all."

Do you want change in your healthcare? Help change the quality and cost and stand up for your rights.

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