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The Kindergarten Mini-Exhibition was a huge success. It was wonderful to walk around the classroom and listen to the learners sharing their learning journey. How very proud you all must have felt!

The learners listened to the story Jamberry. The story is about a small boy and a big friendly bear who embark on a berry-picking extravaganza looking for blueberries, blackberries, and strawberries. After listening to the story there was a discussion on what could be made from berries. The children came up with a blackberry pie, a strawberry jam sandwich and a fruit smoothie.

The learners then set about making a jam sandwich by baking their own bread using a very easy recipe of flour, water, butter and a pinch of salt. Everyone had the opportunity to help with the preparation of the bread dough.

With the bread made it was time to make the butter. Charli carefully poured the cream into the container while Kuria placed two marble's into the cream to help with the whipping. Then it was time for the shaking. The container was passed around the table as the learners put their muscles to the test.

It wasn’t long before we noticed the cream had thickened. A little bit more shaking and we had made butter. Virginia squeezed the excess liquid from the butter before placing it into a bowl.

With the bread baked and the butter made it was time to make our jam sandwiches.

Cooking is an exciting activity and the children were learning throughout this experience. 1:Where do the ingredients come from? (plants, animals) 2: Numeracy (measuring) 3:Literacy (reading the recipe) 4: Problem solving (how many cups of flour do we need?) 5:Science (every action has a reaction) 6: Fine motor skills (mixing, pouring, measuring), 6:Social skills (taking turns, responsibility, cooperation) 6: Nutrition (cleanliness, safety, food groups.)

Most of all we learnt that cooking together is lots and lots of fun!

During the week the learners explored the life cycle of the sunflower. They were able to observe first-hand as the class sunflower died and dried out leaving many tiny seeds in the center of the flower. The dried sunflower was gently shaken to collect the seeds for planting.

The learners listened to the story ‘From Seed to Sunflower’ and then created their own sunflower by carefully cutting, gluing and labelling the different parts.

In Maths we continued to explore heavy and light. The children have been involved in a variety of hands on activities as well as engaging in lessons on the interactive whiteboard.

The children demonstrated their understanding of weight when they designed their own scales. They were able to draw objects that were heavy and light and place them on the correct end of the scales.

The learners worked with the Bee Bots on coding. They focused on moving the Bee Bot from the starting point to the desired ending point on the grid. The Bee Bot can move forward, backward, and turn left or right. The learners needed to tell the Bee Bot how to move by coding in the required moves. There were lots of giggles as the Bee Bot smashed through the wooden blocks on many occasions.

During circle time, the learners were involved in their first philosophy lesson. Philosophy is were the children have to think about their thinking. The story 'The Important Book' by Margaret Wise Brown was used as a stimulus to create a discussion on what is important about different aspect's in the book. The book talks about a variety of many familiar things. For example: The important thing about an apple is that it is round. It is red and when you bite it it's white inside and splashes in your face. It taste's like an apple and it falls of a tree. But the most important thing about an apple is that is round.

The question was posed 'Do you think the most important thing about an apple is that it's round?' Some of learners agreed that it is important. Sebastian made the comment, 'How would we know it was an apple if wasn't round. Say it was a square? we wouldn't know it was an apple.

Eloan thought the most important thing about an apple was that it falls from a tree. Reuben also agreed with this and pointed out that we have been learning all about plants and that the apple would grow again from the seeds. He also said that an apple is a sphere and not round.

After our discussion a mirror was passed around the circle and the learners had to look into the mirror and share,

The most important thing about me is....

I want to be a zoo keeper. Ocean

I am a respectful friend. Nandin

I am respectful and caring. Linnea

I am a great friend. Kuria

I am good at swimming. Virginia

I am a great runner. Clement

I learned to swim. Eloan

I am very good and good looking. Siyuan

I am good at running. Polina

I am a kind and respectful friend. Sebastian

I love to hug and I am a good friend. Matilda

I am good at climbing and running. Reuben

The learners continue to enjoy practising their writing during Language Arts. Each week the children are introduced to new high frequency words with they are using in their writing.

Dates to remember

March 15th - Field trip to Botanic Gardens

March 17th - End of Term 3 (school closes at the usual time)

Regards Lyn and Clara

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