AQUAPONIC FARMING anna, Efra, ingrid, dani, alexandra, nicolE

Our farm will be on the rooftop of Molí Nou's tower. We decided to install our farm there because there is good sunlight.


The benefits of our aquaponic farm will be: It produces zero waste, it uses less amount of water, it is low-maintenance, it requires no chemicals and it is self-sustained.

Why did we choose this option?

We chose this option because this will increase the access to healthy food, and this will help us to clean our planet. Our farm improves people's access to food because our crops will be environmentally-friendly and more natural.

How will we access water?

We will acces water thanks to the rain and we will put a barrel to collect the water of the rain for our fishes and our plants.

Some challenges are:

You need to have some engineering knowledge, it can be expensive and you need to have a pump.

In conclusion

Our farm will help our planet and us.


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