Trials of a Graphic Design student PAIGE simpsons portpholio

Hi my name is Paige Simpson and I am a graphic design student at Manor New Tech High. My style of art is simple, cartoonish and a little messy which in my opinion makes it better. I like art because it is a way to communicate to people and to hopefully make their day a little better. I worked really hard to improve my skills and i am very proud to show off my work.

Here are some of my strengths and weaknesses
This is a poster I made for my graphic design class to represent one of the elements of design. I knew that i really wanted to keep this poster simple so that people would't be overwhelmed. This was one of the first projects that i completed on adobe illustrator so i was extremely proud of myself.
This piece is called the cowardly lion which was made on adobe illustrator. I knew that I defiantly wanted to have a simple cartoonist style with everything I did. this was one of the first pieces that really represented what I was going for.
this piece is called zen because when I look at it feel at piece. when creating this in adobe illustrator I wasn't really sure what I was making. I just kept rotating shapes until I got something that looked cool.
I made this portrait on adobe illustrator called Robin Williams by using words to create different features of his face. I grew up watching his movies and it really made me want to honor him in a way that I have never seen before.
This is a label that I made for a real company using adobe illustrator. The piece is called mamey preserves. i really wanted to use a relaxing color as the background and use bold colors as the writing to emphasize what they were saying.
this is a informative poster that i made in adobe illustrator called the dangers of distracted driving. I tried to make picture really stand out in this by making all the surrounding colors dull. I think the important information really stands out in this and draws the observers attention.
This is something I made for a imaginary company I made up called bee tech on adobe illustrator. I did't want to put an actual bee on the label because I thought that would be boring so I used things that were associated with bees instead.
This is the family crest I made in adobe illustrator. When making this piece I took elements from my family's original crest and made it more modern. I really wanted to make it fit my family by adding in a quote and making the lion under the stars.

You can contact me at

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