if you're shopping for Blend coffee beans for pick up or shipping we are currently setting up an online automated shop for you. But in the meantime if you would like to buy coffee beans, email Greg at coffee@theblend.com.au or click on the link to The Blends Facebook page below. Thanks for your patience. Oh one more thing, If you would like to be notified when the online shop is open, simply like or follow us on Facebook below. To learn more about the eclectic Blend Cafe and coffees scroll down.

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"Not just the exciting fantasy world of a feature film - the Blend coffee DNA is imbued with magical ingredients that tantalise your taste buds & empower your day!"

Created by one of Australia's prominent artists and illustrators, Gregory Bridges, The Blend Coffees comes from an art and coffee installation cafe experience of a Neo-Victorian, steampunk inspired design. – It was as Greg described it as “a mix of coffee and art with a surreal feeling of stepping back in time” with a relaxed ambiance, warm and friendly staff, eclectic, steampunk furnishings, stained glass skylights and sunlight beaming through the windows, The environment seemed to transport you to another time and place, its layout drawing you towards the counter, where you could enjoy a range of 5 star awarded food and Greg's unique Blend award winning coffees. Extending the experience of the Blend Cafe , The Blend Coffee takes you out of this world.

The original Blend Cafe from 2010. The Vibe taking you to another time the moment you entered. Capturing the nostalgia of the past with the technology of the future, Inviting the inteligencia to communicate & network
The three main coffee blends Mammoth: Dark Angel & El'Libertino

For more information email coffee@theblend.com.au

Enjoy the experience of the Blend sharing with friends the amazing Blend coffees of 'Dark Angel' and 'Bright Angel' and other eclectic blends, which will satisfy your caffeine cravings. Kick start the day with The Blend coffee! Simply message orders through Facebook and we will send you an order form. Or email coffee@theblend.com.au We accept COD, bank transfer and most Cards. Now shipping almost anywhere in the world.

Like to become part of the Blend family Brand? Your opportunity awaits. Own one of only ten Blend Brand Licenses.
Bring that eclectic quirky desirable escape and attract hords of the inteligencia with a Blend Brand license. Thinking about owning a cafe or giving your existing a makeover? think about this. a regular franchise can cost on average $400,000.00 and you never own it outright, you keep paying every year! Imagine if you could own a brand for $10000! Only pay once with the option to re-sell when it suits you. There are only ten Blend brand Licenses available. Your Blend Brand comes with a guide on how to present your cafe and a license to sell Blend Coffee. Only a select few will be approved for ownership of a Blend brand license. Investing in a Blend Brand is a no brainer. And Chances are as time goes by these will become more valuable. You dont even have to open a cafe! Just hang on to it like a share certificate and sell it at a later date for a premium. Purchased numbers are kept confidential Until all ten Brand licenses are sold the option will cease.
The Blend Brand License you can display on your wall. Your number will be issued in the order of ownership.

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The original Blend 2010
The 2nd Blend 2014
Like to gain more customers for your cafe? Enquire about owning one of ten exclusive brand licenses