Biomimicry Project The Roly Poly backpack


For our biomimicry project, we designed a product to mimic the abilities of a roly poly to protect itself. We thought that bullying was a serious problem in the world and thought that a shield mimicking the roly poly would help to solve this. Roly polys use armor to protect themselves by rolling up into a ball. The Roly Poly Backpack creates a shield for the person similar to that of the insect.

How It Works

The backpack looks like any other backpack except for the inside. Inside, there is a shield made of thin sheets of metal attached to each other that is able to be folded and fit inside the backpack. The metal is strong enough to withstand the force of the attacker but not heavy impact. When the person pushes the fingerprint button on the backpack, it activates the shield. The shield envelops the person entirely and the person is able to roll away to safety.


This will help children all over the world avoid the harms of bullying. Even though the backpack does not offer lot of room to store items other than the shield, it still provides enough space for school items. We hope that this item will make an impact on the world.


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