Silk Road vs. African Gold-Salt Trade By: Dani Horton

The area(s) in which the Silk Road resided. The first picture shows some fertile area along the road. The second picture shows some of the landscape, and some rock that has most likely broke off. The third picture is included to show the steepness of the valley. The last and fourth one is included to show some of the grassy fertile area, along with the crazy and harsh landscape.
1)-The Silk Road was over 4,000 miles long. 2)-It was called the Silk Road because a major trade product was silk from China. The Romans even called China "the land of silk". 3)-Silk trade was significantly expanded and promoted by the Han Dynasty. 4)-The Silk Road was very good for travel and trade, but did have some negative side effects. 5)-The Black Death traveled to Europe through the Silk Road.

The Silk Road has affected the world everywhere. We have more technology nowadays, so you can communicate with anyone in less than a second, but back then, there was a network of multiple routes that gradually emerged, that we call the Silk Road.

African Gold-Salt Trade Facts: 1)- King Mansa Musa was worth 400 billion dollars. 2)- Led by studies it is to be believed that Africa developed the use of riding camels instead of horses. 3)- Another name used to define the Gold-Salt trade is "Trans-Saharan trade" 4)- Gold, salt, and copper were in highest demand along the route. 5)- It stretched across the Sahara desert.
The first picture is included to show how many merchants traveled along with their belongings and camels. The second picture shows some of the rough landscape and the hot sun. The third picture shows some trade routes in the Sahara. The fourth picture is included to show the vastness of the desert and how big it was and how hard the journey must have been.

In this video, John Green mostly talks about Mansa Musa, and how he built his empire from the ground up, and how successful he was in doing so. He also mentions the spread of Islam and how much it got around. He briefly talks about trade, the impressive architecture and the many empires.

Effects on the Modern Day World

The Silk Road had great effects on the modern day world such as giving us a guideline for communication. The Silk Road was a beginning/starting point of communication. Since then, we've built off from that, and can now communicate in less than a second, and we have cars instead of horses or camels, and streets and sidewalks instead of sandy walkways.


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