Nuclear Energy: the safer option By Grace Arntz

I did my presentation on nuclear energy, and how it is a safer alternative to other fuel sources.

Nuclear energy is produced when atoms are split, as shown in the picture above.
The pie graph shows the percent of energy generated by each source. As you can see, nuclear makes up 19%; which is more than all of the renewable combined. The second graph shows the pollution from natural gas, coal, and oil. Notably, nuclear energy is not included because it produces no pollution.
This is a coal plant, the black clouds show the air pollution.
This is a nuclear power plant. The gas escaping from the stacks is only water vapor, which is not a form of pollution.
Therefore, nuclear energy contributes to a cleaner Earth.
A major concern with nuclear power is the radioactive waste produced. The waste is put into small capsules, packed into larger barrels, buried under a mountain. All three must fail for nuclear waste to escape.


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