Project Icarus Full Details + Plans

Fly like the birds, oh Icarus, and be not afraid! For if you ever look down, down you shall go, but if you never look up, you shall never be the best you can be.

What is it?

Project Icarus is a featured exhibit (program) in the Grand Hall, and it is composed of three separate works of art: The Spring Showcase, Field of Flowers, and Call Me a Dreamer. (Titles subject to change...) All pieces can be found in the Grand Hall within the Icarus exhibit.

Define "exhibit"...

Exhibits are just programs that go on in the Grand Hall. These programs are all very different from one another, and they each have their own running length. Think of them as seasons of a television show. In this example, the pieces of art for the exhibit would be like the episodes of the show. When the season is over, a small break occurs until a new season emerges. In other words, after so long an exhibit will be replaced by another one.

What about this exhibit?

Project Icarus will run from March of 2017 until August of 2017. These are the current plans, and may change as the year goes on.

Anything planned yet?

Yes! The Spring Showcase is releasing on March 6th, which means that Field of Flowers will be underway starting March 7th. That's expected to release in May, which leaves Call Me a Dreamer to release around mid-July. The second exhibit, which currently has no name, will begin in August, and will feature projects such as The Tale of Averia: Mark of the Gods TCG.

How did you get the name?

If you do not know the tale of Icarus, basically a boy and a man create wings to fly out of a tower. The boy does not listen to the man and flys too low and too high, causing him to lose control and crash. However, another version of the tale says that the boy soon understood what he was doing wrong, and began to fly with the birds. He soared into the sky, and the wings became a part of him. This is the origin of this exhibit's name. It shows that anythig is possible if you just believe and focus on the task at hand. That's the goal of Project Icarus - to inspire a movement of perspective, identity, and risk.

Project Icarus

March - August 2017

  • The Spring Showcase – March 6th
  • Field of Flowers – May 22nd
  • Call Me a Dreamer – July 17th

Dates subject to change.

Part of Project Icarus, a featured project in the Grand Hall.

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