Immigration BY Jose resendiz

To illegally go into another country permanently. I will be mainly talking about deportation of immigrants. This personally affects me because i have two family members that are immigrants and they are really close to me. People i know are getting separated from their families even thought they have done nothing bad. I chose this topic because Immigration is something that everyone is being affected by and innocent people that came here for a better future are getting deported for no reason.

Protests in Arizona

The issue was a worse back then because people were more racist. The immigrants barley got paid and they barley had a home. It was so bad that some immigrants where even slaves, they got abused, and raped.

50 years from now i think racism and immigration would still be an issue, but it wouldn’t be as bad as it is today. There would be new laws like it would be easier for immigrants to get documentation, and immigrants would have more control of the country .

Protests in Las Vegas, Nevada

My friends, family, and School will help me do this. We would go to the capital or maybe even the white house to protest, and when i turn 18 i would vote. I will do it until it happens, like MLK said i have a dream.

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Jose R


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