Taxation Is Theft By Finntronaut


2018 | Metal

“Government loves goals that can't be achieved 'cause this way they can grow incessantly. -- Their desire for equality is pure insanity, 'cause equality grows as markets get freed."


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Luke Tatum

"So listen to the words said by Karl Marx: Capitalism is a crisis in ABUNDANCE." Well, this is fun. Econ-metal, the premier new sub-genre! I'm a fan of anything that can highlight that "big business benefits from a lack of competition," and therefore they "lobby for more regulation." This is one of those moments that I had when everything started to really "click" for me. A neighbor of ours was also supporting Ron Paul, and so we were both "Ron Paul Republicans" for a while. But, while he was focusing on things like Agenda 21, I was reading "For a New Liberty," by Murray Rothbard. There was clearly a point, just a little bit after "what if businesses WANT regulations?!" that he couldn't follow me any further. Still a great guy and very fun to talk to, but this divergence was a bit sad.

Sherry Voluntary

This song is kind of terrible, but if you read the lyrics you can learn some econonmics.

Nicky P

I'm not sure I share Sherry's loathing for the song. Maybe I've listened to more...underground music. Seriously i've been in a lot of young bands where people were learning how to play and this is way ahead of that curve. I also see the creator is not American so I might add leeway there. I recommend checking out more of these videos but looking at them more like mnemonic devices designed to help people internalize complex economic ideas. Lyrically this song drops some deeply needed truth bombs. I look at it like a schoolhouse rock song for Austro-libertarianism. The most important stuff I think this song covers are the theory of subjective value and the truth that wealth is not a zero sum game. Neither of these seems like common knowledge.

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Nicky P

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