Fairtrade Asia Pacific Quarter 1 report 2018

In Q1, 2018 NAPP covered 132 Producer Organizations through 83 field visits and 49 trainings. NAPP team members covered 709 persons (420 Men and 289 women) as part of the field visits, and another 1135 persons (775 men and 360 women) participated in trainings conducted by NAPP and its affiliate resource organization. 4 new SPOs - two for rice in Pakistan; one for passion fruit in Vietnam and one for ginger in Thailand got certified this quarter.



  • Coffee household survey in Vietnam and Indonesia was conducted. Announcement on the result of Pineapple price review and on the new FT standards for fresh fruits was done.


  • Aware mothers training and ToT on worker’s rights was conducted in Pakistan


  • Facilitated one of the producer organization (Manorama Industries) to develop product profile of Sal Seed and Mango kernel for Fairtrade Listing for providing benefits to approximately 1500 farmers, which is to be taken forward by Fairtrade India with Pricing and Unit Standards
  • Participated in Biofach event by the producers
  • NEI Tea Producer Consultation - FI and NFO representative had opportunity to directly interact with Tea Producers and understand the emerging challenges and opportunity. The draft NEI strategy was on principle adopted by the NEI Tea producers
  • The synopsis of first round of consultation of SPO standards was provided by Fairtrade International during the last week of March and shared with producers
  • Cocoa Price Review - Fairtrade international has provided the synopsis of the consultation during the third week of March 2018 and shared with the producers
North East India Tea Producers Consultation


  • Supporting cooperative visit to Europe - Supported Vietnam Cocoa cooperative to visit Europe to introduce and look for market in EU so that producers get linked with cocoa buyer and negotiate for buying
  • Biofach 2018 in Germany - 7 SPO representatives from Asia and Pacific Region has joined the Biofach 2018 in Germany and the visit was subsidized by NAPP
Cocoa producers from Vietnam visiting Belgium and Germany

Biofach 2018: Fairtrade Producers from Asia and Pacific participate during Biofach 2018

The Network of Asia and Pacific Producers (NAPP) together with representatives of small producer organizations and workers participated in Biofach 2018 in Nuremberg, Germany last February 13 to 17, 2018.

Biofach is the world’s leading trade fair for organic food where organic trade meets at the organic exhibition. BIOFACH in the Exhibition Centre Nuremberg is the place where people share their passionate interest in organic food, get to know each other and exchange views, and this since 1990. The perfect opportunity for visitors to meet organic producers from the organic market and be inspired by the sector’s latest trends. Enter the world of organic products and taste, too – into organic. This activity was one of the support services provided by NAPP to Fairtrade producers in the region to enhance their marketability, direct participation to trade show to meet new and/or prospective buyers, build rapport to their existing buyers and increase their knowledge on market trend both for organic food and Fairtrade.

On the first day of the event, NAPP organized a meeting with Fairtrade Germany to discuss and explore partnership collaboration in terms of market/product demand in Germany that can be bought from Asia and Pacific Region.

During the event, the Producer representatives’ were able to meet representative’s from Fairtrade International, National Fairtrade Organization in Germany and FLO-cert. Materials were provided such as list of company certified under Fairtrade attending the trade show. On the last day of the event, social gathering was organized together with Naturland. The social gathering shows potential for collaboration with Naturland and potential market for producers from Asia and Pacific. However, Fairtrade Germany is still drafting the means of partnership with them.

Post the event, feedback from Producer representatives’ evidently shows the significance of attending such trade show. Some had issues with logistic but overall were grateful for the opportunity given by NAPP.

NAPP executives at Biofach 2018


  • Developing Coffee markets in Asia & Pacific - As part of NAPP’s efforts to develop coffee markets for Asia Pacific region, NAPP business development unit is working closely with key NFO to understand the buyers priority and the sourcing requirement
  • One of our producer representative Ms. Susan Varghese from Manarcadu Social service society participated at Biofach 2018 event held at Nuremberg Germany during Feb 13- 16 , 2018


  • Developing partnerships with local government in Philippines – 3 potential local government in the Phillippine interested to build partnership with NAPP and FMO Phillippine aiming to expand domestic market for FT products
  • Proposing conceptual notes to TPSA – Conceptual notes proposed to the potential partner, TPSA (Canada-Indonesia Trade and Private Sector Assistance Project) on the gender mainstreaming program in Indonesia
  • Responsible Business Forum, Jakarta - GRM South-East Asia attended Responsible Business Forum 5th in Jakarta, Indonesia. Several potential partners have been identified and handed over to Fund Raising & Advocay Manager for follow up


  • Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) factory visit - Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) factory visit by a Philippine group of producers (Cooperative representatives) successfully facilitated


  • Initiated deliberations with Organisations like WOTR (Watershed Organisation Trust); SIDBI (Small Industries Development Bank of India); Cooperation Dept., Government of Madhya Pradesh; etc., to understand their role w.r.t the social; economical and sustainable interventions which could be adopted through convergence and in the process, leverage the expertise of each other.
  • Aldi Project - Activities – Lab Project at West Jalinga and Nursery Project at Patherjhora are rolled out
  • Partnership with Dr.Balamohan - Dr. Balamohan TN Professor and Head of department of Horticulture Agriculture college and Research Institute Madurai has agreed to part of the programmatic project for Mango growers in Krishnagiri
  • Partnership with Mr.Ravikumar - Consultant Mr. Ravikumar from Tamilnadu to be hired to be hired for development of module to train Fairtrade premium committee members on Hired labor standard requirements for South Tea estates
  • Partnership with Ms.Maitrayee - Learning and development consultant Ms. Maitrayee Mukherjee to be hired for developing module for training Fairtrade officers as per Hired labor standard requirements for South Tea estates
  • Meeting with government officials – Team met with the Principal Secretary - Agriculture and Horticulture & Principal Secretary - Planning and apprised them of the activities of Fairtrade NAPP



  • Assessment of FT premium usage and planning (Field visit and Meeting with Fairtrade Premium Committee to collect baseline data and assessment of Premium Usage) was done in Phillippine
  • Philippine Producers Network Meeting was held. The meeting lasted for 4 hours and was attended by 15 people from 7 SPOs (5 certified, 1 for audit and 1 for conversation).


  • Facilitated Idulgashinna Bio Tea Garden to prepare their Profiles and USP
  • Hope farmers in Pakistan were facilitated to obtain certification
  • SPO Turkiston Gulba, SPO Turob Bobo, SPO Dostkul Bogi in Uzbekistan were provided with post-audit guidance and support by our PO for Central Asia, to address their non -conformities with SPO standards, identified by FLOCERT


  • First introductory meeting held with Noble Ecotech; Pratibha Syntax; Sungold, Indore, Madhya Pradesh producers were fruitful and lot of ideas related to producer wellbeing is deliberated upon. These ideas will be put in place in phased manner during the coming quarters
  • Two visits were organized during the first quarter to support the SPO - Sahyadri organic farmers consortium to lift decertification
  • First visit organized to Hitech Mango Growers Association during Feb 20, 2018 to understand the organization, the members, geographical coverage, their evolution and programmes done so far.



  • Good governance training with inclusion of women and youth was conducted from March 24 to 25, 2018 with 2 sugar cane SPOs in Phillippine
  • Financial Management Training (Hands-on 2 days Financial management program for Cane Sugar Producers) was conducted from February 4 to 6 2018 with 5 SPOs in Philippine
  • 4 cooperatives in Java were trained on Fairtrade Standards and Fairtrade Development Plan and exchange visit to Nira Satria cooperative was done to the coconut sugar SPO in Indonesia
Good governance training


  • Training to 84 Farmer members and management staff of Nature Bio Foods on Fairtrade Standards and other initiatives conducted
  • Fairtrade Standard Training was conducted at Oaks Tea Estate, Selim Hills Tea Estate, West Jalinga Tea Estate, Fatikchera Tea Estate, Tongnagaon Tea Estate
  • Child Labour and Child Protection Training to assist management and workers to understand the potential risk of Child Protection in their Estate
  • Pilot project of IVRS is being started for the farmers of SPO Hemavathi Farmer Producer Company. Farmers were trained in the requirements of FT Standards for year 2 and also about the project of IVRS
  • Sahyadri Organic Farmers Consortium - Training on Fairtrade standards and requirements for Field level staff and executive committee members was organised on 10th Jan 2018 at PDS premises Valanjaganam
  • Anandi Eco farmers enterprises Contract Production Unit - The training was conducted in an outdoor class room session on 21st Feb 2018 at a village by using pictures related to Fairtrade standards in an interactive manner



• Training on Gender Equality and Development for 5 sugar cane producers was conducted in Phillippine


  • Facilitated 3 trainings for working and non-working mothers, working for certified FT Sports ball producer HLO Ali trading, in Pakistan
  • Gender awareness and mainstreaming training was conducted for participants from SPOs in Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. This was held in Samarkand in Uzbekistan and Jalalabad in Kyrgyzstan. The participants of the SPO from Tajikistan travelled to Kyrgyzstan for the training
  • Coordinated and facilitated a training on gender mainstreaming and woman leadership program for 3 SPOs in Uzbekistan
Gender mainstreaming and women leadership program in Uzbekistan

Coordinated and facilitated a training on gender mainstreaming and woman leadership program for 27 members from 2 Kyrgyzstan and 2 Tajikistan SPOs

Central Asian women leadership training



  • Representatives of Suminter Organic were apprised of the need to document all the good practices as well as premium utilization projects.
  • Representative of Indfrag Bioscience Limited was apprised on the requirements of SPO. They were also informed about Boswellia Serrata not being in the list of products.



  • Cocoa project Vietnam - BTC final report on cocoa project Vietnam has been submitted to donor
  • Philippines Cavendish Banana Study - Initial findings from Philippines Cavendish Banana Study was presented. Consultations were made with Silvia Campus, FI GPM on sugar
  • Developing Producer Profiles – 5 farmer profiles collected in Philippines and 20 farmer profiles collected in Thailand – Amnatcharoen Group.


  • Developing Producer profiles - Developing Producer profiles of all Cotton and Rice producers with an objective to have a brief information of the Producer Organization as a whole.


  • Participation at Fairtrade Fortnight event at UK – Team participated at Fairtrade Fortnight event at UK during Feb 21st to March 13th 2018.
  • One of our producer representative Father John Joseph from WOFA participated in the event successfully and shared his experience with Fairtrade farmers at various events


  • Organizing monthly meetings - Monthly meetings organized with team members. It’s a great initiative for the staff as one could share his achievements and issues and challenges with the team. Moreover, sharing of each other’s work enabled us to have learnings on newer approaches and increasing our horizon.
  • The first quarter of this year mainly focussed on follow-ups and producer support of the activities completed last year. The textile standard and program as of now has initiated activities with 11 suppliers which includes pre-assessments, orientation on the standard, basic trainings for management and workers on the standard and program, democratic election of worker committees in some suppliers and training of the elected committee members.
  • This year as part of the PPP project with 3 brands – Brands Fashion, 3 Fruende and Melawear, the textile standard and program is being initiated in 3 supply chains.
  • Democratic elections of worker committees were completed at Purecotz, Gujarat and Mandala, Pondicherry.

Improving functioning of the worker committees

Draft by-laws/TORs were developed for the worker committees which detail out the objectives, roles, constitution and procedures of the different committees like Works Committee, Health and Safety Committee, Grievance Committee and Prevention of Sexual harassment committee based on the local laws and regulations. The factories have been advised to use the templates and develop it based on their factory specific processes followed for the formation and functioning of the committee in line with the legal laws.

Meeting with trade unions

In February, Rossitza Krueger, Textiles Manager, FI conducted meetings with Jaganathan, General Secretary of INTUC, Indian trade union on planning for 2018 and discussions about their participation in our concept note to EU.


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