What makes us human By: LAyshaianae Howard

The Structure of the Human Body

How Humans are structured to be Bipedal

Bipeadalism is the motion of an animal, or in this case human begins, walking on its hind legs. Its to be believed that from the Sahelanthropus we have evolved into Bipedal creatures.

The similarities and differences of the hands of humans and other primates

While the human and ape hand are similar in their rational proportions humans have a much higher average IHP range than the apes we know today.

The parts of the Cerebrum

This is the largest part of the human brain and is divided into 4 different "lobes", each part has their own function

  1. Frontal- controls our reason and problem solving skills along with our emotions
  2. Temporal- Auditory stimuli, speech, and memory
  3. Parietal-movement and oriental recognition
  4. Occipital-visual processing

What separates us from primates

I like to believe that the human brain is limitless. We create new words, terms, technology inventions, we grow intellectually every second of everyday. The human brain is only limited by itself and its the things that most separates us from any other primate.

The Brain by comparison

Human brains can be up to 3 times bigger than that of the average ape, making us the much more complex and intelligent species. While in so many other ways humans and apes are very much alike, scientist believe that human brains are much more complex because within the first two years of childhood we experience a rapid growth in white matter.

Its because of this boost that makes childhood the most crucial time for our minds to develop, its what gives us the fuel for our physical and intellectual demands we need.


What makes us human? What separates us from the animals, and more specifically primates? Its proven that we are more than 90% similar to other primates DNA wise but by brain no other can compare to the complexity of our own. Some of the most advanced and intelligent animals, like chimps, can be seen feeling pity, remorse, and even guilt. They share an almost identical DNA to our own which explains why their emotions matches that of our own. But what separates us from them is our capability to problem solve and adapt in ways that were never taught to us. While it make take time for a chimp to learn from his mistakes and adapt to his environment, humans have the resources and intelligence to adapt within moments in ways a chimp couldn't even fathom.






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