Little Big History Project Tea

Tea is an aromatic beverage commonly prepared by pouring hot or boiling water over cured leaves of the Camellia sinensis, an evergreen shrub native to Asia.
Tea started with Chinese mythology. It was used to relieve fatigue, delight the soul, strengthen the will and repair eyesight.
Tea has played a central role in several important historical events such as the First Opium War and the American Revolution. Tea was America's first drug bust.
Tea goes in with threshold eight, the modern revolution. Tea let what was the Boston Tea Party. 50 tons of tea was dumped into the Boston Harbor to act against a British Tax. The shipment was worth as much as $3 million today.
Lets start from the beginning, how did tea get on earth? It all started with the big bang, threshold one, that got the chemicals that make tea on earth. Then threshold 5 came along and allowed tea to be made because humans were made.
Threshold 6, which collective learning help spread tea from China to across the world. Threshold 7, lead the domestication of plants, which helped tea be grown. and threshold 8, that humans used tea to their advantage and used it many different ways.
TheGoldilock’s Conditions for tea are, gravity, hydrogen and helium, complex chemical compounds, powerful brains, knowledge about the environment, temperature, stars running out of hydrogen fuel, liquid water, just the right amount of energy, interactions between individuals and between communities, and globalization.
Tea fits into the threshold of complexity because of its role in history. Collective learning plays a role in tea when it began to spread from China into other places around the world.
Tea plays a role in anthropology, by studying tea, you can the role it plays in Chinese language, arts in Canada, and other things around the world. It also plays a role in geology, by making a impact on fluorosis in China.
Other than the Boston Tea Party, tea played a role in the First Opium War. This war went from 1839-1842, when tea was considered rare. Hong Kong and the British fought and the British won.
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