Sunridge Middle School May Newsletter


Pentagames is a math competition for selected 7th and 8th grade students consisting of five math games. Two of the games are done individually, two of the games are performed in the students leveled group of three and the relay allows all nine students to compete together.

Overall, our team placed 1st out of 6 teams from around the region. The Open team (students in Algebra or higher), consisting of Anders Oja, Julia Naughton and Ethan Harrison took 2nd place among the other Open teams. Individually, Ethan placed 3rd and Julia placed 5th among the Open competitors. The 8th grade team consisted of Juniper Sorensen, Sarah House and Maximus Hunter. This team took 1st place among the other 8th grade teams with Sarah taking 1st place individually and Max and Juniper tieing for 2nd place. Our 7th grade team contained Andrew Demianew, Simon Johnson and Abigail Thorne. The 7th grade team placed 2nd among all the 7th grade teams with Andrew placing 3rd and Abby placing 4th individually.


Earlier this month, students from Sunridge and Pendleton High School traveled to Portland State University to attend the 34th Annual Oregon Writing Festival. The festival promotes increased interest in writing through workshops led by published young-adult authors and other teachers across the state. Our students presented their writing pieces and received valuable feedback and tips on future writing techniques.


Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

5th grade tours SMS

Freshman Class Elections

Talent Show

Rogers Toyota

Perfect Attendance Bicycle Winners

Easton Alexander, Jocelyn Allen, Jesus Angel, Caleb Bentley, Anthony Crawford, Samuel Ellis, Abby Foust, Jairo Gachupin-Alferez, Kyah Hunter, Joseph Jensen, Alexander Krokosz, Andre Lopez, Viviana Martinez, Nolan Mead, Lilly Miller, Gage Munt, Jackson Oliver, Teagan Rugg, Ryan Sandwick, Madaline Schumacher, Claire Stratton, and Melila Tricker.

SBAC (Smarter Balance) Poetry

By: Mr. Talbot

We are writing poetry in class by copying the form of a couple poem’s in the textbook.

Compare with “Ode to Enchanged light” on page 170

Behind a desk thoughts

are wandering from the top of the mind,


like the sparkling

mist of water


in each moment,

escaping above like recently

condemned prisoners.

A lawnmower screams

its jubilant chorus

deep through the thin walls.

The test-takers are

a dinosaur stuck

in tar.

Compare with “Sleeping in the Forest” on page 172

We contemplate the answer

search it, he

eludes us so darn much, shuffling

his possible responses, his bag

full of options and deceit. I anticipate

like no other, a Santa

on some Christmas, nothing

between me and the computer on a desk

but my dreams, and each tempts

sleep like books of a sale

from a second-hand store. Every class

we sense the exhausted clock snoozing

among us, the boys and the girls

who tap their keys into the keyboard. Every class

we nod and drift, as if at midnight, fighting

with the strongest might. By departure

we have wandered dang near a million times

into sweet day-dreams.

Students of the Year

For the past seven years the SMS Parent Club has given approximately $5,000 annually to Sunridge Middle School. They have given money toward chromebooks, PE and fitness equipment and Outdoor School supplies. Their help has been instrumental in helping Sunridge become the best school possible. Thank you Parent Club volunteers!

The SMS Parent Club sponsors our Student of the Year awards. The SMS students of the year is an award given to outstanding 8th graders, as voted-on by the SMS staff. Students receiving the award are recognized for their citizenship, academic achievement, and involvement in school activities. This year, four outstanding students are being recognized! This year’s award winners are: Emma Coleman, Sarah House, Andy Oja, and Tony Hernandez.


Hailey Davidson Scholarship

Hailey grew up in Pendleton where she attended elementary, middle school, and high school. She was an avid sports enthusiast and had played many sports including soccer, basketball, volleyball and softball. She loved being part of a team. Hailey’s incredible strength and a strong will to survive defined her. She is remembered as happy, fun and full of smiles.

Hailey passed on December 17, 2012. Her family is honored to have this scholarship awarded in her name.


Andy Oja

Adrian Stump Scholarship

Adrian grew up in Pendleton where he attended elementary, middle school, and high school. He was a kind and compassionate person that always treated everyone with respect. He approached things with enthusiasm and excitement. He loved to camp, fish, hunt, and ski. His dream was to fly helicopters. One day, after a lot of hard work, his dream was realized. Adrian became an Army Warrant Officer.

Adrian died while on a mission in Afghanistan on September 25, 2005. On that day Warrant Officer Adrian B. Stump made the ultimate sacrifice for his country when his helicopter crashed. He and his comrades served their nation with devotion and pride doing what they loved. His parents supported and loved him very much. His family is honored to have this scholarship awarded in his name. The Stump family will be selecting the recipient of this year’s award in the honor of their son.


Akira Gomez and Sarah House

Teachers of the Year

The SMS Parent Club also sponsors the Steve Cary Memorial Teacher of the Year Award. Mr. Cary was a long time Sunridge teacher who was recognized for his or her professional dedication to students, staff and the community of Pendleton. This year, two teachers are being recognized for the award – congratulations to Mrs. Athena Nelson and Mr. Gary Humphries!!!

Bronc Pride Activity

Year-End Assembly and Video

Teacher Appreciation Parody

Sarah House and Emma Coleman from the Sunridge Middle School Leadership class wrote and sang this song for teachers. Please like the video and share it with as many people (especially teachers) as possible. It is an amazing video!!!!



August 8th 7:30 am - 11:00 am & 1:00 pm - 7:00 pm

August 9th 7:30 am - 1:00 pm & 3:00 pm - 7:00 pm

NEW STUDENT Registration

August 14th 8:00 am - 6:00 pm

First Day of School

August 28th 8:00 am


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