NuBlvckCity a new kind of "good" music

Soul/Hip-Hop/Jazz/R&B + Live looping & Storytelling

Hailing from Kansas City, NuBlvckCity’s genre-bending Jazz influence, on top of neo-soul vocals, storytelling lyrics, the bounce of funk, and electric performance, is a blend of music that can’t be contained to any one thing. Influenced by The Roots, Fugees, Erykah Badu, G-Funk, and Jazz greats’, the collective pulls from various sounds to create something you may have never heard before. Through custom curated set’s, the range of NuBlvckCity’s vibe will have you dancing and joining in on their catchy hooks, while appreciating the depth of their art via colorful soul ballads and narratives.

The Collective is Kartez Marcel (sounds, keyboard, vocals), Love, Mae C. (vocals), They Call Me Sauce (sounds, vocals), and VP3 (saxophone, vocals). Their unique way of highlighting each member’s contribution to the group allows for them to look and act like a traditional band, while keeping the feel of individual artistry and freedom. They have built a rare chemistry that leads to exceptional improvisation during live shows and a level of performance that keep you guessing while wanting more. Welcome to the city, a place with new kinds of good music.



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"NuBlvckCity is sure to be the region’s feel-good band of the Summer." - Fally Afani

"If you’re keeping track, we’ve mentioned NuBlvckCity a few times before — a local collective that stands tall on the laurels of four talented individual artists who operate in complementary musical realms." - 90.9 FM The Bridge

"The act — which has drawn comparisons to The Roots and The Internet — has Sauce sharing emcee duties with Kartez, who also plays keys. The band is rounded out by the smooth neo-soul vocals of Love, Mae C. and the jazz-tinged saxophone lines of VP3." - Michelle Bacon



For booking, email nublvckcity@gmail.com

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