Lancers and Lions A partnership promoting happiness and Wellbeing

As a focus for the day, the big buddies wanted to talk about being grateful. Senior, Zoe Fernandez discusses what she is grateful for and listens to what her buddy, Riley has to say.
Junior, Cameron Hickerson and his buddy sit on the floor and work on their project for the day. “We each like math and we want to be a kind of engineer,” Second Grader William Davis said. They wrote cards to those important to them to show how grateful they are.
The Art and Science of Well-Being class holds a high focus on meditation and self reflection. Wentland lead the group in a brief moment of relaxation.
After time in the gym, the students head to the field to play sports and games. Varsity quarterback, Jack Geraghty punts the ball to the get the game started.
Both the teenagers and kids jumped at the opportunity to play "Duck, Duck, Watergoose" on the field outside. This game was created by Lupica's class and was shown to the high schoolers.
After squeezing a wet sponge over his target, Junior, Trevor Beith runs after a buddy in a game of "Duck, Duck, Watergoose". This game is a favorite for the younger kids when the weather starts warming up.
The students use a folder to hold the creations they make together during their meetings with their high school friends/role models.
Magnolia teacher, Melanie Lupica, and CHS teacher, Becky Wentland, created a collaborative project where they can bring learning outside of the classroom.