To dads house By bella murphy

“Click, click, click, click.”

“There is literally nothing good on TV.” I complain to my twin sister Addy well clicking through the channels.

“Play on your phone.”

“You forget that you are hogging the only charger in the house, MY charger, you lost yours.”

She puts her earbuds in and keeps playing. I lean over and see that her phone is at 88%. I walk around to the back of the couch and grab the charger and run.

“Rae, I need that.” she yells as she chases me to my door, I slam it in her face when all of the sudden the home phone starts ringing.

“You get it” she yells.


It stops ringing.

“Give me the charger!”

“No” I walk over to the wall and plug in my phone. My phone lights up with a black apple sign.

The phone starts to ring again.

“Ugh.” I hear my sister say as she gets up to get the phone from the living room.

“Hello.” I hear her say

“Yes, this is Addy.” She says. I get up to listen at the door. It stays silent for a long time

“Yes, I am still here” She say with a crack in her voice trying to hold back tears. I walk out to see whats happening. She looks at the clock 5:00 it says in big digital letters.



“Is she dead?” She says. I hope she’ll say no just very hurt but when Addy starts to cry I know she is dead.

I start to cry when Addy comes over and hugs me. My legs go weak and we sit on the ground hugging each other when Addy gets a text.

I Killed your mom and I’m coming for you.- Unknown

We look at each other silent and then there comes another text.

RUN.- No caller ID

“Who is this?” We text back.

“Just run.”- No caller ID

She looks at me and I know what she is going to say before she says it.

“We have to go, Rae.” Say’s Addy

“No lets just tell the cops they will help us”


“And don’t call the cops.”- Unknown

We look around the room.

“Come on.” Addy says.

“Nothing is actually going to happen, Addy you are being stupid.”

“No i’m not.” “You know what they do in foster care? They split you up we will never see eachother again.”

“What are you saying.” “We won’t have food if we run away. “We don’t even have a plan.”

“I do. We go to dad’s house in California.”

“And how do you suppose we get there?”

“We walk.”

“Good idea.” I say sarcastically. “Well starve to death by the time we get there, it's 600 miles away.”

“Mom has a drawer of cash. We can go to the bank and get some cash out of our bank accounts.”

“And what happens when we get to dads house? What if he doesnt want us?”

“Hell call the cops and we'll be in foster care but atleast we tried.”

“Fine but if something goes wrong I am turning us both in.”

We walk are separate ways to our rooms. I walk in to my room and my dog Nellie is sitting on my bed. I completely forgot.

“I am sorry.” I grab her leash and start to make a list.


Pair of shorts



Pair of legging

Dog food

My diary

I write one thing in my diary the date 10/12, mom's dead. I am running away. I put the diary in my bag. Then I think of something. Where are we going to sleep? What direction are we going to go in? How do we get there? A rush of questions go through my head and I start to regret my decision.

I look for a backpack but all I can find is my my little pony backpack from when I was 5. I grab my school backpack and dump out all of my school work out. I put my stuff in there and grab a blanket because there is a lot of extra room.

“We have to go, Rae.” Say’s Addy

“No lets just tell the cops they will help us

When I walk into my mom's room my sister is there in the money drawer with a huge back pack.

“What is on your back?”

“What? I am bringing the necessary things.

“No, I am bring the necessary things you are bringing your whole closet.” I pull off her bag and open it up.

“This is not necessary.” I say as I grab out 4 outfits. “You don't even have a toothbrush.”

“Oops.” she says. I roll my eyes.

“You grab the money, I will go get you packed.” I grab her toothbrush. The only thing she actually needs in here is a brush and she doesn't even really need that. I grab all the things that I packed in my bag. I make sure to grab her favorite sweatshirt. I walk over to my moms room just in time as she grabs the last dollar. We put it her bag. I grab Nellie and we start to walk out and then she runs back to grab our phones. We start to walk out of the house and as we are about to lock the door she says.

“Wait we forgot something.” She runs into my room. I sit there and roll my eyes. I see her out of the corner of my eye.

“ A portable charger. Good thinking.”

“ I know right.” She says. We walk out and she starts to lock the door.

“What are you doing?”

“I don't want anyone to take our stuff.” I hug her.

“So, which way do we go?” I ask.

“Um.” She grabs her phone out of her pocket and searches for the nearest bank. Addy points to the North and says.

“Go to the bank.” we start to walk. Nobody talks the whole way there. I tie Nellie up and I open the door. We walk up to a lady in a grey shirt with a name tag that says Garcia on it.

“Can we please get 1000 dollars from Addy and Rea Callisters bank account?”

“I need a form of ID.” She says in a very grouchy tone.

“Shoot.” I say.

“I have mine.” Addie says.

“Wow you actually did something helpful.”

She gives us 1000 dollars in cash and we put it in my bag this time just in case one of the bags gets lost. I grab Nellie.

“Addy, type in California on Google maps." We study it and start walking east for half a block then realized we are supposed to go North we turn around and start walking. We mostly just talk about where to go and what we are going to do until it gets silent for a few minutes. We both know we are thinking the same thing, twin instincts. I can tell she is itching to say something but all she says is.

“I’m getting hungry.”

“Me too.” I say. We stop at a culver's so that we can sit outside with Nellie.

“Can you get me chicken tender kids meal, please?”

She comes back with both of our meals. I lean down and give Nellie some food and water in her bowls.

“Should we stay at a motel for the night?” I say

“Will they let us in?”

“We have cash.”


“Wait, what about Nellie?”

“We will find a place that let's dogs in.” I get a feeling in my stomach that we will not be able to do this but I don't want to ruin Addy’s confidence. We look up hotels that allow dogs in the area and the cheapest one is 3 miles away, luckily in the way we are going.

“Finally, we are here.” I say as I flop on to the bed. It is the most uncomfortable bed I have ever slept on but I barely notice I am so tired I doze off right away.

“Rae, wake up.”

“What time is it?” I grumble.


“Are you kidding me.” I say as I throw a pillow at her.

“Come on we have to go eat breakfast.”

“Fine.” I say. Let's get ready first. But when I open my eyes she already is ready.

“OK.” I say as I get up and brush my teeth and hair we go down stairs and we each grab a bagel to eat on the go.

“Did you feed Nellie?”

“Yes.” We give the front desk lady our key and we start on our way. We walk towards the front door and start to walk.

“We have been walking for 3 miles, Rae I'm tired.” Complains Addy. A bus speeds by.

“Please, Rae let's take a bus.”

“No we need are money.”

“It's like 2 bucks.”

“Please just one bus.”

“Fine.” We get on a bus and it turns out it is only one dollar.

“Does this bus let dogs on.”

“Yes but it needs it's own ticket .” I give the bus driver 3 dollars. We start to drive and we get off at a burger King after 5 miles.

“How does mom have so much cash?” Asks Addy.

“Huh, I don't know.”

“Why are we being targeted.” I don't answer I just think. We sit silent thinking about it.

It starts to get dark at 4 o'clock so we walk to a hotel that is about a mile down the road.

November 1st

“Our journey.” I write at the top of the page

“We walk around 12 miles each day. We always eat at places that we can walk with are food. We sleep at a cheap hotel that let's you have dogs. We have realized that buses are super cheap. We have been taking lots of then we are a few miles away now. It's 12:00pm. We are going to figure out the address of out dad and start to walk. We have been on this journey for almost a month now. I can't wait to see dad hope he is excited to see us. Good night.”

I look over at my sleeping sister and my cute little dog. I pull up the sheets and fall asleep. I wake up in the morning and my Addy is already up. She is on her phone.

“What are you doing.”

“Looking up dads address.”Found it.”

“How?” ”Let's go.”

“Ok.” I get up and pack. We leave before we even eat breakfast, I don't even get ready.

“That's it.” says Addy.

“Yay.” We walk up to the door and stand there for a few seconds before we ring the doorbell. I start to get excited. A lady with short blond hair answers the door.

“ Does Raeven Callisters live here.”

“Yes he does, may I ask who you are.” My dad walks over and his mouth drops open when he sees us.

“Come on in.” He says. “Sit please.” We sit on the white sofa that looks like a kid has never sat on.

“Can we have some food?” Addy asks.

“Only if you tell me whats going on.”

“Only if you give us food.” She replied snottily.

“Rosa, please bring some cheese and crackers.” Dad yells.

“So what are you doing here.” Rosa comes in with the fanciest cheese and crackers I have ever seen. Addy has a look on her face that says what I know where both thinking I didn't even know there was more crackers than rits.

My dads new wife has a smirk on her face and I know she sees Addys face to.

“So what are you two doing here?” Asks my dad.

“Mom's dead.” It's the first time I’ve said it since the night on the phone. I look at him and see his eyes start to fill with tears just like mine.

“Can we stay with you? Addy says very quietly. We sit in silence for a few seconds untill he asks us the dreadful question.

“Where are you supposed to be.” He looks at Addy she looked down so he looked at me.

“Foster care.”

“Do you know how much trouble I could get in.” He yells as he runs to the phone to call child services.

It seems like forever of sitting in the silence before my dad comes in.

“So.” It feels like eternity before he continued his sentence. “They are going to interview me to see if I can keep you guys.”

We look at each other with big eyes. Then we look at dads new wife she does not look as happy as the rest of us.

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