30-Day Challenge Final Project By: Michela Kim

First 10 days

The first 10 days of this project I found much easier than the second and third. I say this because I was able to pick 10 completely different tasks from a huge list and didn't have to repeat them. Below I have an owlephant, which is an owl's and elephant's offspring. Next I have an image of a designed mirror and tassels which I did myself and chose the word "vintage" to describe it. Last I created a a towel hanger with a clothes hanger to make a new use out of it.

Draw two improbable animals offspring
Choose an inspiring word and capture this word in a photograph
Create a new use or object of a clothes hanger

second 10 days

Drawing has never came easy to me as well as imagining things. For the second 10 days I chose to draw the offspring of two improbable animals each day for 10 days. This may seem very easy but it took a good amount of thought to imagine what the offspring of these animals would look like. Repeating the same task everyday for 10 days was more challenging but yet rewarding because before I started I thought my drawings would be awful, but they turned out much better than I thought. I enjoyed drawing animals for these 10 days and using my imagination to do it.


Third 10 days

For the final 10 days I had the option of continuing my task from stage 2 for another 10 days, or I could pick a different task and repeat that task for 10 days. I decided to go even further out of my comfort zone and complete haikus on my favorite foods for ten days. I decided to do this to challenge myself since I've never been very good at haikus or poems. I've always been uninterested in literature so I thought this would give me the chance to become better at haikus and increase my creativity.


From the earthy fields,​

To wooden bins being sold ​

Rinse, cut, cook then eat​

Grilled cheese

Grilled cheese melted,​

On a piece of bread toasted,​

Best served with tomatoes

Beet soup

Beet soup in the pot,​

Cooking, steaming, red color,​

Spicy, burning with flavor

what did i learn?

I learned from this project that the creative process occurs with the 4 P's and using the set of thinking tools that enhance creative output. I learned how to develop my own creative process successfully and experienced creative problem solving. I was also able to recognize barriers that limited my creativity such as lack of the proper tools and imagination. The entire process of this project was rewarding because I felt that I have gained a good amount of creativity it than before I entered this course. I was able to open my imagination and figure out what to do to be successful in the project. A few of the outcomes from this were I learned how to write haikus and figure my thinking process out. Reflecting upon this entire project, I feel that I've been able to broaden my horizons by trying new things which I never have really done before. I hope to use things that I learned from this towards my next class, Creativity In Action.


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