School and Classes Dream analysis project

That early morning, i drove my motorcycle to school like a regular day. I wasn't fully conscious and still deeply sleepy so on my way there so that i decided to close my eyes and take every chances possible to sleep, mostly during traffic stops. The first time was totally good but then the second time, as my eyes opened again i found myself in district 8 which distantly speaking is 10 miles away from where i was supposed to arrive.

In stunned silence of wondering how i could possibly get to this location and the vehicle shut down for no reason. I was extremely anxious of how to get back to school on time so as to take the final despite the fact that it will start in 15 minutes. All of the sudden , my best friend Hoàng Duy stepped out from a random house and let me borrow his motorcycle instead so that i can be able to come to school. Magically i was able to take the final without being late thanks to his help.

As soon as the bell rang announcing the final is over, on my way back to the parking lot, my motorcycle is returned instead of his. And then i woke up.


  • Motorcycle: its malfunction in dream may symbolize the fear of things go in the opposite direction from what i planned that brings discomfort and dissatisfaction to myself. Perhaps i'm expecting too many perfections that i have forgotten to accept the rash reality of failure.
  • Motorcycle: the appearance of this image could represent my ambition of traveling and seeing the world as soon as i finish university despite endless difficulties encountered inevitably during the journey.
  • Sleepiness: to see or dream that i desperate need sleeping even if in the middle of traffic indicates my true desire of sleep to temporarily escape and forget life, school, works. As school starts everyday at 6pm and due to the lack of sleep throughout the year, sleep is the only way i find peace and relaxation.
  • Friend: to dream that my friend is always nearby me shows the importance of them in my life that i can't live without their support and encouragement. Specifically, we often help and motivate each other to achieve higher goal as time goes by. Friend is the symbol of my social connection that i hugely depend upon them.
  • Test: as study is long-standing tradition of family, i view study as a launcher for a brighter future and a way to gain family honor based on my performance on school. Becoming anxious and rushing to school as soon as possible to get the test done represents the enormous role of study in my life. I'm a competitive person when it comes to study so knowing that my score is higher that others make me proud of myself.


According to the psychoanalytic / psychodynamic view, our dreams represent the forbidden, unconscious fears, drives, or desires. Using this model, describe what your dream means to you?

I strongly believe that this dream may be representing the hardships of life that i'm encountering at this specific moment of my life. By living under plenty of pressures that comes from many aspects of life such as School, Exams, Study,... have develops a new set of characters consisting of fear of failure as the biggest one. Failure is not truly appreciated and i'm also afraid of being judged by other people because of my failure. Great achievements are followed with hours of hard-work that will eventually twist every drop of strength in your body mentally and physically that sometimes all i need is a good nap to momentarily escape life.

The biological view would say that an event or thought triggered your dream. Identify a specific thought that might have been stimulated and them led to this particular dream. Then Describe what you believe your dream means.

A recent incident occurred lately that i believe to have triggered this specific dream. I'm planning to community college next year although i'm still in my junior year. The courses i will take include high school and college curriculum combined which makes my education path shorter compared to everyone in case of reality. Nevertheless, in order for it to come true, the stress in studying this year has grown exponentially for me because it's only eligible for students who attain high grades to enroll in this kind of course.

Psychologists from the cognitive perspective believe dreams provide important information, help us make needed changes in our life, and even suggest solutions to real-life problems. Using this view, what do you believe your dream is trying to tell you or what do you believe your dreams means ?

I think the dream which occurred in my head lately is trying to tell me to never give up no matter how life may get on me. The pain is just temporary and eventually it will subside. In addition, i should view my perspective on failure in a different mind which failure is motivation, a start of your combat stories to become a winner because success won't come without overcoming failure. I believe in myself that i can do anything as long as i won't give up to failure.

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