" We are expanding our knowledge of dance as more than exercise or recreation… or even transformation. We are exploring concepts of movement as a tool for human evolution. We are embracing the original premise of dance which was about self awareness through duplicating nature.

Trance Dance is a unique blend of body movement, healing sounds, dynamic percussive rhythms, transformational breathing techniques and the innovative use of a blindfold or bandana - together stimulating a 'trance' state that promotes spiritual awakenings, mental clarity, physical stamina and emotional well-being. " - Wilbert Alix

Photos by Mário Pereira. These Ritual Trance Dance photos were not taken during this training.

In this document we will guide you through the training experience using the words (testimonials) of a recent 2017 training group in Europe.


Student Testimonials

" Has completely met my wish for something creative and challenging. A great boost to my curiosity about movement, music and expanded consciousness. Appreciate the call to commitment at all levels. Looking forward to contributing to my wider community through expanding this extraordinary means. And to learning more. "

" Very interesting, challenging. Good structure and a lot of space to expand."

" Was very intensive and in a way life changing - I have another perspective or reality now. The whole training content was much broader then I expected. I am glad for many insights that I received."

" I had a deep profound experience. I came with low expectations and ended up receiving more. I feel thankful and blessed."

" My commitment became deeper and deeper. "

" The training went deep, included everything I needed as well. I had time for myself, nature and the environment was good & support. "

" Very complete training in many ways. Lots of information/experiences that I now have to process. It was worth coming to Portugal and the time and money it costs. "

" Authentic, beyond expectation, transformative, Challenging. "


Photo by Mário Pereira

Student Testimonials

" Clearly experienced and knowledgeable. An honor to hear his life journey. Imparted knowledge & wisdom in interesting, unfolding way. "

" Felt like a source from where I could “drink” in any direction. "

" He is very knowledgeable and thought provoking. His openness about his life touched me. What I appreciated as much was how much emphasis he puts on ethics and maturity. I never experienced a teacher that did that as much as Wilbert does it."

" Sincere, truthful to himself. Gives the best of him."

" Challenging during every minute with him. Gave so much, Cleared many things for me."

" He has a lot to offer as a teacher I like his ethics and integrity a lot. "

" Wilbert is a man with a lot of knowledge which he shares with a lot of generosity. "

" Good teacher, pleasant to listen to and fun. Lots of knowledge, humor, authentic, attention to the students."


Luísa Paula Pereira & Eva Grace Wolfram

Student Testimonials

" Beautiful and lovable creatures. Very very professional and helpful."

"Gently supportive. Obviously skilled in their roles."

" Their nice presence was really a “plus”. They were efficient and available. It was nice to hear also their experiences with Trance Dance."

" Nice and easy, friendly. "

" Luísa and Eva were very much concerned about our well-being and they cared a lot about the settings. "

" Very sweet, soft , caring, helpful. "


Student Testimonials

" Expansive views. Lots of nature. Enjoyed the labyrinth and great walks."

" Loved everything; best cooking style of a “retreat” I experienced so far."

" Excellent floor for dance."

" Loved Quinta da Enxara. Amazing and magic environment. "

" I like the quality of the food and the way it is prepared and presented to us. "

" To be in nature here was wonderful, the energy of the place and its surroundings felt very clean. "

" The family was really nice and I liked the dogs and cats."

" I loved all the little hide aways - the natural pool - the domes - the labyrinth."


The Trance Dance Facilitator Training Program is a 10 day (72 hours) professional training retreat designed to prepare you to conduct a Ritual Trance Dance Program. In this training you will study the mystical, scientific and psychological significance of various states of trance as healing tools and directly explore the Ritual (blindfold) Trance Dance technique. Included in this training is also ritual experiences in Soul Hunting, Rites Of Passage, The Ancestors Walk and more.

Due to the extensive experiential nature of this 10-day training previous experience in Ritual Trance Dance is a plus but not absolutely required. What is required is proven maturity, previous training in a psychology based and/or other spiritual transformation related modality, experience as a wellness teacher or facilitator and a willingness to explore non-ordinary states of consciousness directly. This program is designed to train facilitators as well as persons interested in its initiatory (transformational) value. Attendance is open to persons 30 years of age and older. An application process is required before being accepted into this training.

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