Nina is going to Haiti and she needs your help

I am scheduled to arrive on January 9th along with David, the Vice Chair of iF Foundation. As soon as we set foot on Haitian soil, we will be heading towards Morne Rouge, Plaine du Norde - located on the rural mountains of Haiti, about 35 minutes from Cap Haitien. This will be home for three months.

Lodging isn't fancy, but it's free. I will have access to filtered water and electricity at all times, which of course, is a huge privilege. No internet availability, but there is a fairly good chance I will have data access via cellphone. I should be able to send and receive emails, texts, and phone calls at no additional costs to US residents. The house has a landline as well. Snail mail is not an option.

I have a bit over thirty days before I leave. My passport should arrive any day now, and all that is left to worry about is what goes in my backpack and suitcase. Farm/work clothes, over the counter meds, hygiene supplies, leisure and entertainment (books, music), and documentation tools (sketchbooks, drawing tools, camera). It’s really not much when you come to think of it... but because Sarah and I have been unemployed since we moved to Colorado, whatever we have in our savings account must now be reserved for food and bills.

So here I am, as a friend, asking for your help. If you can, please consider giving us a hand, and click on the button provided below! (connects to paypal)

If you can't help us out, don't worry, we'll take some moral support instead! (words of encouragement can be sent to

Thank you, just for taking the time to read this. You'll always be awesome in my eyes.

Much love, Nina.

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