Gender Inequality In the work force

In today's work place we see inequality in pay or even responsibilities through out the work place. One of the causes being that woman hold more care giving duties at home and tend to hold more household duties that can be hard to balance with work hours.

It is hard for mothers especially because they are often expected to take kids to school and care for them after. Women are often the one's that do all the cooking and cleaning around the home.

In today's society inequality is not so much an issue due to education, but rather stereotypes and even work experience can be an issue. In the work field men are often thought to be stronger and even more reliable when it comes to skills and work in general.

Woman are treated fairly equal and it's definitely a lot better than it was a few decades ago. We have broken away from a lot of gender inequality, but there is still ways we need to improve.

In a way gender inequality will always exist. Woman are more likely to want to work with other women and they may not treat it like a big deal, but women often think very differently than men do and often have more responsibilities outside their jobs.

What we can do to fix the inequality gap is that we first need to acknowledge the difference of genders in the work place. We can then divide the work in ways that everyone plays equally important role and the pay is evenly equal. Ultimately our actions determine a lot and if we set the mood of equality then chances are people will respond with the same attitude.

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