Gabby G: Future " Don't tell people your dreams, show them" -anonymous

  • I have been thinking a lot about my future, even though i'm only in 7th grade, and I have a lot of plans, so here they are... When I grow up I would love to do something performing arts related, or something in law, most likely a prosecute. To pursue these careers I plan to go to either Julliard, or Harvard Law, so yea :)
Harvard Law, and Julliard, two colleges I would love to go to when I get older :)
Broadway, the theatre where the New York Ballet Company performs, Chicago, and New York City :)
New York City Ballet Company logo, Scales to represent my passion for pursing law/prosecution, and a rose gold Ferrari, the car I wish I could drive, but never will....
The New York City Ballet Company, performing Swan Lake, which happens to be my all time favorite ballet!!!

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