Meteor By Carson

January 8, 3021. The meeting to save Earth is just starting, and the whole world is watching. Even the kids at school today are watching on the H.P. or hologram projection.

“Thank you all for tuning in to see how we plan to save all of your lives!” says the founder of The Scientists of the World, Gribly Cluck. He stands in front of the gathered scientists of the world. They have united to deal with the greatest enemy the human race has ever faced: a giant meteor hurtling toward Earth, set to hit on July 27, 3024 at 11:12 pm at Colorado Springs, Colorado.

“Eight years ago we found out that there would be a meteor that is 5 times the size of New York City, that would strike Colorado Springs, Colorado. We have designed a weapon called...”

*Boom Bang Crack!!!* Suddenly on the H.Ps a bomb explodes! It is a terrorist attack on Earth itself. Not one soul will survive.

“Hello class” said Mr. Ethener.

“Good morning, Mr. Ethener.”

“So as you have may noticed today is a special day! Today and until May tenth, we will be designing a weapon that will be used against the meteor! Now we have four classes of 32 kids. So after each teacher picks the best weapon of their class, it will be used against the meteor.”

“When do we start?” asked one of the students.

“Now!” yelled Mr. Ethener.

Unlike the other kids, I decided I would wait until I came up with an idea. What could destroy a meteor of 1523 square miles, I thought. We need something like the Death Star. I could use something like the Death Star - like a laser or something. I would need something that could fire the laser - a cannon! I read about those in ancient history class.

“I have a perfect idea!” I told my friend Rhychile, who had just came in late.

“What?” asked Rhychile.

“I’m going to call it the Laser Cannon!” I said

“So it’s going to fire a laser, right? asked Rhychile.

“Yes it is.” I confirmed.

“According to my calculations,” Prily yelled over my firing. “We will not be able to destroy the meteor. The atmosphere won't help us until it is ten square meters.”

“Thanks for that vote of confidence!” I yelled.

“Don’t fire, just talk!” Prily yelled.

“Don’t you mean the other way.” I said.

“WHAT DID YOU SAY!” Prily yelled.


“Yes, same thing!” Prily yelled.

“You got 100 square miles left with only ten seconds!” Prily yelled.

“9,” Prily yelled “80 sm, 8, 7, 60sm, 5, 4, 40sm, 3,20sm, 2, you’re not going to make it!”

*BOOM* “Prily!” I yelled. “Prily!”

“I’m okay” Prily coughed.

“Put on your air supply.” Prily said.

Over the past days, Prily has gone to every home and gave them an air supply tank for each person so if we destroyed the meteor they would have air supply when the dust rose.

“I can’t believe we destroyed the meteor!” I said.

July 30, 3024. It has been two days after mourning the 50 people that died three days ago. However, 50 people is better then the whole world. Today the W.W.G. will give five nobel prizes in science to the 5 young people who saved the world.

“Today we will be awarding these five fine young kids, Rhychile, Jarad, Hirly, and Miffid.” the announcer said. “These five will have a one minute speech and we will start in reverse order of the names I just said.”

“I always go first” I said to Rhychile.

“No, you don’t” Rhychile said.

“Well, it feels like I do.” I said smiling.

“Well, thank you for giving this prize.” I said. “It’s not everyday that a kid my age will get this prize. I would like to thank my mom, dad, and my little brother Minndle.”

“YEAH!” Minndle yelled from the crowd.

“I would especially like to thank Prily Cluck.” I said. “I was going through some depression and he pulled me out of it. I would not be here if it wasn’t for him, so all I want to say is thank you.”

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