The Alien By Andrew Melohn and Payten Hazen

Out of the history of battle bots did you know that The Alien is the worst one to compete. My partner for creating this with me is Payton. I named it The Alien because it looks like an alien. My partner was great with creating bots. The purpose for this was to focus on the goals and if we do it, we can achieve it. Building my bot wasn’t hard because I was using my creativity to build it. My partner and I are like brothers when it comes to working together. My BattleBot was not good because the lack of movement, defenses, and weapons.

The Alien is the worst battlebot because it is very slow in battle. Fun fact for you, The Alien is the slowest one by the lack of wheels on it. 100% of people are able to beat are battle bot it is so bad. Even the person that created battlebots would think ours would be the worst one to do. There is another fun fact that The Alien also had a lack of armour. The Alien tries to be successful but always fails at each attempt. The Alien is the worst battlebot out of all of them from the lack of momentum.

The Alien has a lack of armour for battle, so it makes it the worst one. The Alien has a 5% chance of winning without its armour to fight back. Even the creators think that The Alien is there worst design yet. An example of this is when its first opponent showed up The Alien got wrecked. The Alien has no chance of winning any battle at all. The Aliens lack of armour it is really done for and will not have a chance at winning.

The Alien has the worst weapon out of all the battlebots. An example of this is when it rammed one of its enemy it did nothing. 10% of the time is when the weapon actually does something. Another example is when it uses its weapon it just breaks at first contact. There will be a 0% chance that the weapon will work. The Alien uses the worst weapons in the entire class.

The Alien is not the greatest battle bot because of it’s bad movement, weapons, and defenses. By The Alien’s slowness it is easily defeated by his enemies. The Alien was useless when it couldn’t use its armor. From The Alien’s lack of weapons it is easily beatable in battle. Therefore from its lack of everything it is clear to say that it is the worst battle bot out of the whole class.

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