Andrews ISD Technology Projects Overview

Our goal is to provide students and teachers with a safe and functional digital learning environment. Technology is involved in all aspects of the learning process. It is our job to remove barriers and make the technology accessible to everybody. - Dennis Haynie

Network and Server Infrastructure

In a 1:1 school district, the network and server infrastructure is critical. Teachers and students should feel confident that the Internet and programs are going to be reliable.

Completed Upgrades

  • Battery Backups for all network locations
  • New network cabinets and cleanup
  • Network storage upgrade
  • Wireless upgrades at all campuses - 1 AP per classroom
  • Switch upgrades at all campuses
  • Server upgrades
  • Virtual server environment upgrades
  • Switching redundancy in datacenter
  • Reconfigured switches for management and monitoring
  • Solarwinds monitoring system implemented
  • Snapshot backups of all servers to multiple remote locations
  • Increased wireless capacity at all locations
  • Implemented LLDP on wireless switch ports for added wireless control, automation, and throughput
  • Reconfigured IP address scheme to allow for future growth in devices and better use of VLANS to allow software to work properly over wireless
  • Separated 5 Ghz and 2.4 Ghz traffic at both middle school and high school to minimize interference and increase capacity.
  • New internet content filter for improved filtering and more consistent experience between school and home
  • Increase battery backup capacity for critical network components

Technology Support

Technology downtime can mean loss of instructional time in the classroom. Our technology support department is continuously finding ways to be more efficient to decrease response times.

Completed Changes

  • New ticket system for managing support issues
  • Addition of a help desk technician for remote support
  • New warranty program for student devices
  • All student devices enrolled in Apple DEP and configured for cloud management
  • Self-Service password management implemented
  • Cloud managed content filtering for home-use
  • App request workflow for requesting apps to be remotely installed on student devices
  • Remote management of Microsoft Windows computers with SCCM - Application installs, Windows Updates, Virus Protections, etc.
  • Elementary iPad Refresh
  • Chromebooks for Middle School Students
  • Changed mobile device management systems for added control over multiple operating systems

Instructional Technology

Teaching and learning is the primary responsibility of any school district. Technology plays a critical role in supporting teachers and students throughout this endeavor. As we increase the availability of technology for students, we must also increase safety nets to ensure technology is being used responsibly. In addition, we must support teachers through staff development to properly utilize technology to enhance teaching and learning.

Completed Improvements

  • Addition of Curriculum Technology Coaches for teacher support and staff development
  • District provided staff development specific to our hardware and software
  • Narrow focus of district supported technology programs
  • Single Sign-On for most programs
  • Account automation for most programs
  • Google Apps accounts for students
  • Addition of Schoology LMS
  • Implementation of Skyward SIS
  • Integration between Schoology and Skyward
  • Gaggle email and drive filtering
  • Improved Internet filtering
  • Online testing for common assessments through DMAC
  • Online lesson plan framework in Google Drive
  • Technology survey utilizes feedback from teachers and students for planning technology staff development and support
  • Implementation of the 4 Cs Model for using technology for learning at the higher levels of Bloom's Taxonomy
  • Implementation of SAMR Model
  • Implementation of "Be Internet Awesome"digital citizenship programs
  • Full rostering setup for elementary LMS (Edmodo)
  • ZSpace labs - 3D interactive labs
  • Assessment Management Platform through Schoology
  • StudyMate Integration for studying through Schoology
  • Replacing SmartBoards with Infocus Interactive TVs
  • Added parent reports for student web browsing history
  • Added parent ability to pause internet at home on student devices


The community expects good communication from the school district. It is our responsibility to ensure information is easy to access and the content is current.

Completed Updates

  • New website application (Schoolblocks)
  • Student access to grades and attendance through Family Access - Includes mobile app
  • Paperless approval system for business workflows
  • New payment system for user fees on student devices
  • Clarity survey completed by students and staff to guide technology planning
  • AISD Twitter
  • Banner and Pop-Up Alerts on website
  • Parentsquare communication platform for phone calls, text messages, emails, and app alerts
  • Digital displays added to Middle School & High School for announcements and post-secondary opportunities

Visit the Technology website for more information.

Updated 2/8/2018

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