Post-Test Analysis

Post-Test Analysis
Notes After Meeting

Meeting Notes

  1. More Practice Problems. This was the first note I took after talking with my professor. I needed to work on more repetition and being more fluent in finding my errors and being more consistent with every problem. In order to accomplish this I used the online website Khan Academy, and my math book in order to find more examples and work on ensuring my execution was flawless. This was very helpful and I feel very confident about the next test.
  2. Review Conclusion Statements. For Calculus 2, in order to receive full credit for a problem you must finish each problem with a conclusion statement based on your findings. I failed to do this on some problems. So after talking with my teacher I made a note to review these statements. I added this to my study list and the material I need to review. Now before the next test I will be more than ready to Ace that test.
  3. Focus!!Focus!!!Focus!!!! Countless errors on this test resulted from a lack of focus. Losing focus on tests has always been a struggle for me, but by eliminating distractions and being more confident I believe this will help my focus. By following all these steps, I can make the problems involve less thinking and more memory.
Now, it's time to hit the books

Study Plan

My Study Plan for my next test will include 20 hours of studying with a focus on repetition and eliminating carelessness. I want to do enough examples where I can feel confident in any problem I get and solve it efficiently and accurately. I will be self testing myself as well as studying in a group to ensure I am at 110% by test time.

Final Thoughts

During the course of this exhibit, I was able to identify my faulty test taking strategies and review them with my teacher. This was a very fun and rewarding experience. This is one of the exhibits that makes me contributed greatly to my success. If I can follow these steps, I will be well on my way to a happy future. Now, I can be more confident about the next test and achieve my goal of 100%.


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