Chinese culture By: Kaitlyn Raab Jonas Reeder and Tommy Knapp

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • "The Untold Story of Lang" by Jonas Reeder a Hero Story
  • "The Chinese New Year in Bejing" by Tommy Knapp an iMovie
  • "The Lucky Chinese" by Kaitlyn Raab a documentary
  • Bibliography


Celebrating the new year, luck in the Chinese culture, and education importance- these are the traditions in the Chinese culture talked about in the novel. Though there is many more traditions in the culture, in the novel “Chinese Cinderella” by Adeline Yen Mah, it talks about tradition throughout the novel with her striving in school with good grades, being involved with things, and winning awards. Her luck considering her mother’s death made her “bad luck,” and how she celebrates the Chinese New Year. This also happens outside her family though. Luck is shown through many symbols such as red being used in weddings to symbolize the happiness and joyous times in the future for newlyweds. Chinese New Years is a holiday celebrated between January 21st to February 20th because it's based on the Chinese lunar calendar. Also, the education is a state-run system.

The purpose of this magazine is to show the traditions in China, how they're done, and the meaning behind the traditions. The purpose will be shown by artistic products in this magazine. It will be shown by a documentary talking about facts about luck in the Chinese culture, education will be shown by a hero story about a little boy’s experience with education, and the Chinese New Year will be shown by a newscast interviewing some natives about it.

The Untold Story of Lang

Lang is a 12 year old Chinese boy who isn't aloud to go to school because he is youngest boy in the family and has to help his dad on his rice farm right outside Hong Kong. He lives on his dad rice farm in China and he doesn't have any friends because nobody lives by him and he has never gone to school.

One day his dad ask him to go out and get the mail. While he is bringing the mail in something falls out of the pile. When he picks it up something catches his eye do he opens it and looks at it in confusion. It was in English and he only knew Chinese. Eager to read it he hides it under his shirt and gives his dad the rest of the mail. After that he bolts upstairs and grabs his Chinese English dictionary that he received on his eighth birthday. This was his sole possession and it was his everything. After deciphering for an hour he finally figured out what the pamphlet was for. It was an invite for him to go to a Boarding School in Hong Kong. This is what he has been wanting all of his life. The time has finally come that he might be able to go to school. He runs down stairs jumping for joy as he ask his dad if he can go. Disgusted his dad back hands him and says you don't need school you need to learn how to take care of this farm. Tears started rolling down Lang's eyes as he drags himself upstairs.

That night he was suddenly woken by his Aunt Ying. She places 1$ in his hand and tells him to pack his bag. Confused he asked why? She said I know how unfair it is that you can't go to school do I want you to take this dollar go to the bus train station down the road and take the train to Hong Kong. In disbelief Lang grabs his dictionary and pamphlet puts it in his bag along with Aunt Ying’s dollar and starts walking to the train station.

Once he got to Hong Kong the city was huge, bigger than anything he had ever seen before in any book. The tallest buildings reached the clouds. He finally made it to the school and on the front of the building it said, “Little Rivers Boarding School.” He walked up the stairs and was greeted by a tall, skinny Chinese women.

She said, “Hello I’m Miss. Smith and who may you be?” Instantly Lang’s face got hot and red because he knew his english was awful.

Pulling out his Pamphlet Lang said in Chinese, “I’m Lang and I want to come here to go to school.”

Replying cheerfully Miss. Smith said, “Nice to meet you Lang but we only learn in english here. Do you happen to speak any of it?”

“No,” Lang whispered.

Then in Chinese Miss. Smith said, “Follow me to your room so you can't unpack and get your uniform.” As Lang followed her down the hall he mind was racing a thousand miles a second. There were so many kids more than any he's ever seen before. Once they got to the room Miss. White asked, “Where are your parents they need to sign this paper before you can stay over night.”

Bullets of sweat streaming down Lang’s face. Thinking quick he said, “They just left for a business trip in Beijing.”

Sighing Miss. White said, “ok we can make an exception for now but once they get back they will have to sign this paper or you cannot stay.”

Relieved Lang started unpacking his one pair of clothes and his English dictionary. He put the dictionary on his night stand and got ready for bed be chase the next day was going to be his first day of school ever.

At 7 in the morning he got up and went down to the office to see where to go. There he took a test and was placed in grade 1 since he knew no English at all. He was just in time for the start of school 8 in the morning. When he got to the classroom his was assigned a seat next to Adam. Adam was an American boy whose parents were working in China for a toy company they owned. As class started he was immediately lost. He had no idea what the teacher was saying or doing. After that 1 hour period another teacher came into the room and the process was repeated until, the end of the day at 5 P.M. When Lang finally got back to his room he was devastated. Determined to become better he started reading his dictionary until, he read himself to sleep. Day after day Lang did the same thing everyday he got home. The fact that he would fail or be taken away from this school scared him so he put his best to everything. When it came time for New Years break everyone was leaving but Lang. During this time Lang spent most of his time in the library where he studied and read. He wasn't the best at English yet but he was pretty fluent.

As the Days went by Lang started skipping grades and was the top of his class. He read so many books and loved to write stories. Lang was determined that he would one day make his father proud. He hadn't spoke to any of his family in 4 years. This didn't bother him though because he knew one day he would return and make his father proud. Lang had just turned 16 and was thinking about what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. Part of him wanted to become president of China.

Two years later Lang was 18 years old he was ready to take his final test that would determine if he would pass the 12th grade and be able to get his diploma. With ease Lang passed the test. Lang had been the top of his class for the past four years. By this time his teachers let him stay because they knew his parents were never coming to get him or give him money. They had basically become his parents throughout the years.

On the night of graduation Lang was so nervous. This was biggest night of his life. This is what his entire trip has been for. Everything he has ever done and sacrificed has been for this day. Name by name Lang waited. Although none of his family was there to see this Lang knew that they would be proud when he returned home. Finally, the announcer said, “Lang Chi.” Lang could barely find enough energy to stand up and go on the stage. When he finally made it up on the staged he thanked the principal and received his diploma. He then walked down the stairs and backed to his seat where he waited. The next morning Lang packed his bag and headed for the train station. The only thing he had with him was his two prized possessions: his diploma and dictionary. Lang knew without the dictionary he would have never been able to get to where he was today. He also knew that without his diploma the entire trip would have been a waste. On the train he thought long and hard about what he was going to say when he got home. He wasn’t sure if his dad would be mad but he did know that Aunt Ying would be very proud of him.

When the train stopped at his stop he got off and to his surprise Aunt Lang was standing there waiting for him. On the car ride how she told him that she had been keeping of with his progress in school the entire time but she couldn’t talk to him because she was afraid if his dad found out that he would pull him out of school.

At first when he got home his dad was very angry but then when he showed him his diploma he instantly started crying. He was so happy for Lang because he was the first one in their family that had ever got a highschool diploma. His dad supported him in his dream to become president.

10 years later although his dad died Lang had finally become the president of China. He knew his dad would be so proud of him. As a result of this the first he did was make it mandatory that all kids go to school. He also made it a law that the school days should be at least 10 hours long. This was the start of the Lang Dynasty.

The Chinese New Year in Bejing

The Lucky Chinese


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