Florida Museum of Natural History emilee swanson

Nature on Display: This section of the museum was completely different than the rest. This exhibit of underwater life really appealed to me because it felt as if i was actually underwater. It's not often someone is immersed in the world of fish. This exhibit however allows that feeling, essentially I could be a part of something that I was never able to be a part of before, I was in their habitat. I could closely examine the different fish and sea life unlike ever before. This museum has allowed me to immerse myself in worlds that I never thought I could connect to and I think that's an amazing thing.

Nature and ethics: A good way to appreciate nature and to understand Leopold's argument is to experience it first hand. The butterfly garden helps to do just that. These are living creatures that museum goers are able to actually interact with and this interaction creates a special bond between the two. It helps to show that both butterflies and humans are equally part of this earth, one isn't above the other. A lot of people, myself included, were awed by the beauty of nature. Watching the butterflies live their daily lives put things into perspective and made us all realize how important it is to appreciate nature and it's creations.

Nature and the Human Spirit: This exhibit was a sort of reality check for me. Seeing these huge remains of long gone sharks has helped me to remember that humans aren't the only ones on this Earth. There are so many things that we still don't know about life, whether it's ours or something else's. The universe is filled with so many unknowns that I think it's hard to try and comprehend. These remains help me to see the diversity that the world has to offer. As people I think that we should take the unknown and the majesty of the world into consideration, just as Heschel said.

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