Gorilla by:tristan Burch


  • Gorillas tend to be black with gray or brownish gray. They are the planets largest primate.
  • The tropical forests are characterized as having variance in temperature (around 23 degrees c) (12 hours) of day light. there are wet and dry seasons.
  • 7 million years ago is when they appeared.
  • Kingdom: animalia Phylum: chordata Class: mammalia Order: primates Family: Hominidae

Morphological & Molecular Evidence

  • gorillas closest relatives are: humans, chimpanzees, bonobos, and orangutans.
  • gorillas are sharing 98% of DNA with humans
  • gorillas came from bacteria and bacteria made everything that is living we are so close to them because we have similar bones and almost the same exact DNA. this is evidence of the evolution.

humans have similar bones as gorillas.

Homologous Structures

  • a bats wing and a sea lions flipper has the same structure but different functions.
bat wing
sea lion
  • they all have five fingers but have different functions
  • this shows that they are related because they have fingers, hands they are the same because

vestigial structure

  • Gorillas have a caecum and appendix like humans. Gorillas eat a lot of leaves which are hard to digest. Humans don't have the same diet, but still have an appendix
  • Vestigial structures are those that are still in our bodies but are no longer needed for our biology (Like a tail bone or an appendix)

Transitional fossils

Gorillas are bigger than humans and their arms are longer than their legs. Chimpanzees are smaller (like humans) and their arms are still longer than their legs. By humans, legs are longer than the arms and bodies are smaller. So chimpanzees and humans are ancestors who have adapted to their environment from gorillas.

Transitional fossils are about a transition from one species to another. this shows evidence of evolution because they are all similar but different.

Eomparative Embryology


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