It's all a matter of HOPE Giving a child a Better future

Why should I stay in school? Why should I work really hard at learning when it's so difficult? If my family is hungry, how can I go to school rather than earn some money to buy food? What difference does a diploma make if I will only be a gardener?

Hard to smile when you are weighed down with questions and worries.
Hope makes the world seem a little better.

To help our children have a better future, we must provide them with the supports necessary to give them the answers. The supports are all part of what Operation Feed is providing through the donations and volunteer efforts.

Operation Feed children need to feel that their hard work will pay off.... that someone cares about their future.

The Egg Lady Teams provide each family with a dozen eggs a week. This makes a difference in providing a healthier diet.

English classes are held for all ages. This group is the 9-11 year olds. They are smiling because a donor provided them each with a book.

The students work on the weekends and enjoy learning English.

Teenagers volunteer to be teachers... this helps both the younger students and the teens improve their English.

Volunteering is for all ages, great work done by our 6 year old Egg Lady!

Ninety plus years old, John volunteers every Thursday morning at the food packing time

Operation Feed provides supplemental food, so the family has enough to eat. Our educational team is providing academic support, so they can be successful in school. The Egg Ladies are raising funds for school shoes. And our new scholarship program, in conjunction with NCA, is paying for school costs.

Thank you for caring.
Created By
Carol Curtis


Thanks to Linda for being a partner in sharing the mission of Operation Feed and all those who donate and volunteer.

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