Learning Journal Skill builder: Digital video for education, Linda Monroe Ward

My Background

A long time ago, I used Adobe Go Live! to create video. Then I switched to iMovie and Final Cut Pro on the Apple computers. For years, this is what I have taught my students at the college. Recently, I learned how to use Adobe After Effects, and this past semester, I taught it to my students. Now, I want to bring in Adobe Premiere starting the Fall 2017 semester. I love how all of the Adobe software is integrated so well. I can use native PhotoShop and Illustrator files in InDesign, After Effects, Animate, Dreamweaver, Muse, and more. This course is perfect for me to get started learning this software.

Lesson 1

Project Description

I love to hike the North Carolina mountains! So, I made a video ad for hiking in North Carolina, USA.

All of the movie clips came from https://videos.pexels.com. My music came from http://www.bensound.com. My simple logo was created in Illustrator.

Reflection on Lesson 1

Once I saw the videos that were included in this lesson, I found many similarities to something I already knew, iMovie and Final Cut Pro. What I wanted to know was where to find what I needed to build my video in Adobe Premiere. The videos were very clear and easy to follow. At first, I opened two windows on my computer and put them side-by-side. My Premiere screen and the browser window with the lesson video. I worked step-by-step on my video as I watched the lesson video. Then I started experimenting. What will happen if I do this? What will happen if I do that? I know where a certain feature is in Final Cut Pro. Where is it in Adobe Premiere?

Once I knew where to find the features I needed to complete this lesson, I had very little trouble working on my video. I really enjoyed how easy it was to switch video clips on the beat of the music. I created a scale effect on my logo when I brought it in. These effects were familiar to me because I already completed the course on motion graphics using Adobe After Effects.

I don't use textbooks, so I am always looking for projects that my students can do. This is the project I will most definitely give my students next semester! It is fairly easy to do, and my students will have a great video ad for their portfolios.

Lesson 2

Project Description

I chose to expand upon the first ad that I completed for week 1.

All of the movie clips came from https://videos.pexels.com and https://pixabay.com/. My music came from http://www.bensound.com. My simple logo was created in Illustrator.

Reflection on Lesson 2

I chose to expand upon the first ad that I completed for week 1. I added the following:

  • Transitions between clips
  • Fades at the end of my title and last video clip.
  • I extended the music about a second after the fade ended for my video clip and title and faded the music to the end.
Hike NC Timeline

I am so impressed with all of the features and build-in effects and transitions in Premiere Pro! I have been using iMovie and Final Cut Pro for years. I think I am going to love Adobe Premiere Pro! Also, I love the fact that I can import native PhotoShop and Illustrator files to use in my videos.

I found the use of effects, transitions, timeline, and such in Premiere to be easier for me since I have already learned and have taught my students to use Adobe After Effects. Also, the rest of the features of Premiere were fairly easy for me because of my familiarity with other video editing software.

What is next?

This has been a great introductory course for Premiere. I am looking forward to the upcoming Digital Video course later this spring.

I plan to retire from teaching on the college level June 1, 2018. My plans are to move to the mountains and teach continuing education through the community college there. I want to go to schools and industry to give specialized software training for the teachers and workers. I did this back in the late 1990s and early 2000s when I lived up North, and I think I will enjoy doing this again. 

Also, I am a digital artist. I wander around the state doing photography and changing my photos into art. I thought I would like to offer workshops for others to learn how to do this, too . And, now after this course, I think I would also like to create beautiful videos of the wonderful places around the state of North Carolina. I shouldn't limit myself to still shots.

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