Teaching through Tech Coaches project • Caroline Bromley

Welcome to my journey as a technology coach. My primary goal when embarking on this journey was to fulfill ISTE Standard One's expectation that technology coaches inspire the development of a shared vision for the integration of technology. The specific goal I set out to achieve was to transform my team's mindset when it came to planning our lessons. Our past planning rarely included technology components. Of course, some from our team of seven would use technology at the substitution level. For example, if the summative assessment was an argumentative essay, students in some classes typed up their essays on Google Docs while others wrote it out using pencil and paper. My hope was to utilize our planning time to collaborate around innovative ways to incorporate technology to transform and maximize student learning. I looked to weekly meeting minutes and newly created lessons to measure the success of this hope.

Collaborating leads to bright ideas!

The success of the project was determined by the depth of ideas shared related to incorporating technology and reflecting upon how implementation went. My team met weekly for 40 minutes, and we tried to devote at least half of this time to the topic of technology. In addition, I sent out weekly tech resources for the team to preview and, hopefully, spark interest. Another measure of this project's success are the actual changes made to our units and lessons to center around technology.

Making technology a priority resource

The primary goal or goals of the project. It would be a good idea to turn your goals into specific objectives that can be assessed and measured.

How success of the project was determined. In other words, do you have evidence that the project goals and objectives were met?

Who was involved and what are their roles were.

A timeline of event/activities that have taken place (if it is a project that has in progress) and will take place.

List the ISTE-C Standard indicators that you were working on gaining competence in as a result of engaging in this Coach Project. If it is not clear how an ISTE-C Standard indicator ties to this project, we suggest you provide an explanation.

Weekly Summaries. The summaries describe what was accomplished during the week. These are important because we need to know the progress you are making. We suggest that you included these in some format (outside of your e-portfolio) that can be shared with us so we can view your progress and makes comments, if needed. Suggestions: Google doc or Evernote note.

A reflection on the project. There are several ways you can reflection on the project. It will be unique for each project. One element that everyone will have as a part of his or her reflection is how well the project went. Be honest. If the project did not go well, reflect on what happened and what you can do to improve. Include a discussion of what went well.

You need to keep in mind that the following:

Your project must place you in the role of a coach. It will be important that you carefully examine the ISTE-C Standards to determine what indicators the project will focus on helping you gain or build competence in.

You should be honest with what ISTE-C Standard indicators you believe the project will help you meet. It is probably unrealistic to think you will meet more than 6 ISTE-C Standard indicators with your project.

Your final write-up will be shared on your e-portfolio as section 8 of your e-portfolio.

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