World exploration Christen Gillispie, mr. meninga, 2A, 3-15-17

Triangle trade

The 3 causes for the triangle trade was: All between Europe, Africa, and Americans, Finished products from Europe to Aftrica, and Exploration caused triangle trade

the 3 main effects of the triangle trade are: Spanish invaded England, Discovery of the Americans, New materials to new world.

Christopher Columbus

The main causes are: Columbus called Native Americans "Indians",Wanted money so he told the king he knew a shortcut, Increased Spanish power.

The 3 main effect for Columbus are: Spain became powerful, Discovers its not a short cut its new land, Explores the Caribbean.

European World Exploration

the 3 main causes are: they had very limited spices, competition between Spain and Europe trying to find spices, And Prince Henry build a ship that goes against wind to help them sail to go and get spices.

the 3 main effects for world exploration are: that they discovered Discovered new continents in the process, Spain became rich, and Europeans and Native Americans rule South America.


World exploration notes.

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