Shakespearian dictionary

'Tis- it is. Ways to remember: 'tis, |tis, /tis

Ope- open. Ways to remember: ope + n,

O'er- over. Ways to remember: the ' in o'er = a v

Ne'er- never. Ways to remember: the ' in ne'er = a v

E'er- ever. Ways to remember: the ' in e'er = a v

Oft- often ways to remember: oft+ en, oft is frequent,

Waxen- to hiccough. Ways to remember, when you wax a car it can give you the hiccoughs

Neaf- clinched fist. Ways to remember, give me your neaf sonds like hand but it is a fist.

E'en- even. Ways to remember: '=v even

Beteem- to alow or permit. Ways to remember: teem = alow

Coy- making a pretense of shyness or modesty that is intended to be alluring

Square- quarrel, fall out, disagree. Ways to remember: you have to square up with someone because of a disagreement.

Prevailment- prevailing action, power, influence. Ways to remember: prevailing in something.

A- a form of to. Ways to remember: a form of to

An-if, whether. Ways to remember: an is used as if.

Eyne- eyes. Ways to remember: Eyne - n = eye

Aby- suffor for. Ways to remember any suffered from chronic pain.

Wot- learn, know, be told. Ways to remember: i wot to drive a car

Afeared- afraifd, frightened, scared. Ways to remember. A " feared"

Anon- soon, shortly. Ways to remember. Anon needs to wait.

Collied- blackened, darkened, murky. Ways to remember. Coiles get dark after use.

Fair- kindly encouragingly, courteously. Ways to remember: it's fair to be kindly.

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