Rodney King Arrests By: alex gonzales

The Rodney King arrests has changed American culture forever. Rodney King had lived around the time after the civil rights had passed. Around that time, there was a lot of racial tension because a lot of people didn't agree with the civil rights. Rodney King was a troublemaker but he was mostly forgiven.


Rodney King was an African American Man who was born April 2, 1965 and died June 17, 2012. He did a lot of illegal things like drugs and was arrested a few times but with no serious consequences. He had a lot of troubled pasts with the Los Angles Police Department, but on March 3, 1991, Rodney King had created one of the biggest controversies of African American history.

The Crime

Rodney King had a lot of crimes charged against him such as domestic violence, driving under the influence, and speeding but on March 3, 1991, this crime was given an undeserved punishment. This crime was no different than any of his others, but instead of getting arrested, he was brutally beaten by the cops.Rodney King was speeding through Los Angles in his taxi going over 110 MPH and he was intoxicated by drugs as well. After the high speed chase, he was dragged out of his car by four L.A.P.D. cops and was brutally beaten. A man named George Holiday had caught the beating one video, which started the racial tension between cops an African Americans.

The Aftermath

After the beating by the police officers, the four were charged for assault with a deadly weapon. When the officers were taken to court, the jury was an all white group and they proved the officers not guilty. After this had happened riots sprung up all over Los Angles calling the case a racial hate crime. The riots caused over $1 billion dollars in property damage. But Rodney King didn't want this to happen. Around the time of the riots, Rodney King had said, "People, I just want to say, can't we all get along? Can't we all get along?" ( Editors). 20 years after the riots had ended, Rodney King was interviewed by CNN and they had asked what he thought about the police officers and according to Editors he said, "Yes, I have forgiven them because I have been forgiven so many times. My country's been good to me, and I've done some things that wasn't pleasant in my lifetime, and I've been forgiven for that." About a month later, Rodney King was found dead in a public swimming pool after he overdosed on drugs and drowned in a pool. So the way Rodney King changed american culture was that he caused a lot of racial tension in america which is still relevant to this day.


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