"How They Croaked"By Georgia Braggs November/December 2016 AR Biography Activity

"Then Queen Victoria refurbished the chapel in 1813, and Henry VII's unmarked vault was completely by accident."

Based on the context clues, "refurbish" means to renovate or fix up.

"Elizabeth________________ her life so that no man could ever take her head in a violent, bloody death."

Based on the context clues,"orchestrate" means to plan.

"The red-haired Elizabeth was twenty-five years old when the______________ ring was placed on her long, narrow finger."

Based on the context clues,"coronation" means a ceremony were a crown is placed on a king or queens head.

"...an event disturbing to Elizabeth as a symbol that her_______________ was almost over."

Based on the context clues,"Reign" means time as a king or queen.

"He moved into a_________________ where he was taken care of by friars..."

Based on the context clues,"Monastery" means a church like hospital.

"Writing music and collecting bejeweled doublets were jolly pastimes for the king, with_________________________ London Bridge with the skulls of his beheaded victims."

Based on the context clues,"Festooning" means banners or other objects strung up in decoration.

"It caused him____________________pain and high fevers."

Based on the context clues,"Excruciating" means extreme pain or agony.

"Cuba, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic declined to have their Columbus _________________ tested."

Based on the context clues,"Cache" means hidden place with abundant supplies.

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