Political protests Tony Schmitz

Why are the American people protesting Trump? Some are protesting his Muslim travel ban, some his misogynist remarks, others his proposition to build a wall on the U.S. Mexico border. President trump had 350k people protest his election, that's more than the population of Shakopee and St.Paul combined.(source ⅗) You may ask how do they control these protests? Over 28k people worked security at the inauguration covering over 100 blocks. Even that was not enough to keep the crowds under control as protesters Vandalize McDonalds and Bank of America the day of Trump's inauguration leading to 217 arrests and 6 injured officers. Could more of these protests lead to violence?

Could this election lead to the U.S. voting the abolishment of the Electoral College in the future to prevent large protests and property damage throughout the nation? Akhil Reed Amar believes so and says that states have already started experimenting with using popular votes to determine their electoral votes as states do to choose their governors. He thinks that soon some states will switch to this and all the others will join the bandwagon, maybe even before the next presidential election.(NY Times,Should the electoral college be abolished?) But before you decide if electoral college should be a thing of the past, you must first know why the founding fathers created it in the first place. The first reason that the founding fathers created the electoral college is because they feared direct election. Because tyrants could manipulate the public. The larger reason was to create a buffer between the population and the election of the president as well as to give the smaller states more power. So if you still feel like the electoral college is unfit and out dated you may not be wrong but it is up to congress to abolish the electoral college, and that can not be done until they are first presented with a better more modern bill.

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