All the Places I've Been. Peter Hansen as Odysseus

I encountered the cicones right after fighting in troy. My men and I were hungry and needed food, bedding, and clean water. They proved to be a worthy adversary, but we overpowered them and took what we could. Although this was brutal, it was the only thing we could do to feed our men.
Next, the Lotus eaters were people who used their native flowers to put people under a trance to make them not want to leave. I lost many great men. But at last, my great wits and mind power overcame this capture-prone kind. After this great victory I feared the hard times were not over.
The next challenge my men and I had to face was the Cyclops. He held us captive for 3 days, yet was not the smartest beast. We held own against Poseidon's one eyed son. He loved our wine, so I came up with a genuis plan to defeat him. We gave him so much wine that he passed out. Then I used my great strength to make a log into a spike and trusted it into his eye.
After sailing from Cyclops's island, we reached the island of Aeolia. This was home to the wind god.
The laestrygonians, gigantic canniblas, all the ships but one are destroyed and their crews devoured.
Circe, the trickster godess who turns people into pigs by poisaning her wine, was no match for me. The less evolved mindset of my men had them captured, and turned into swine. I however was given mythical grass by Hermes that would make me immune to the wine's effects. Once inside, I freed my men and we took off.
I seeked to learn my destiny, but the only source of this information was Teiresias. He was the blind prophet from the city of Thebes. The fact that he lacks eyesight in the present gives him ensight into the future.
We returned to Circe's island where she told us all the dangers ahead.
The Sirens are beautiful women who enchant people with their enlightening songs, and draw outcasts too their island. But they are dangerous. If you get drawn in, you won't be able to leave. As a result, the Sirens are surrounded by dead bodies. Now Charybdis on the other hand is a horrible beast, who swallows ships in one gaping mouthful. Me being one of the smartest warriors alive directed the crew towards Scylla instead. Scylla is a nasty six headed beast, yet can only take six of my men instead of all of us like the Charybdis.

I mentioned that Odysseus knew to go past Scylla instead of Charybdis, and not Teiresias. My reasoning is that if this is a letter to his wife he, as his usual arrogant self, would want to boast about himself in even the smallest ways to prove his greatness.

Thrinakia, and The Cattle of the sun god were not an easy bunch to please. After all these horrible monsters we had to fight, my men were starving. Searching for something to eat, we laid eyes on the cattle of the sun god. I told my men not to eat these sheep as they are mythical beasts who live forever. But my men were not as controlled as I. The sun god caught my men eating these sheep. I had to promise to sacrifice as many cattle in Ithaca as were eaten here.
Calypso's beautiful mansion was my homestead for seven years after the war. She seemed lonely and wouldn't let me go. One day the gods told her it was time to release me, but she took this into her own terms. Instead of releasing me, she said she guesses I can go, hoping I would feel pity for her. This plan failed miserably as I simply left.
Created By
Peter Hansen [Student MHS]


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